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A holiday spending plan

Megan deBoer

Photo by  Caley Dimmock

Photo by Caley Dimmock

‘Tis the season of gift giving no matter your tradition…

It is so much fun to give - particularly when we find just the right gift for someone we love.  

One of the best strategies for to stay financially grounded during the holidays is to create a holiday spending plan… aka, a spending roadmap.

This time of year we are often pulled by our emotions and veer off our intended course. Having a solid spending plan makes all the difference - and prevents a spending hang-over, or a credit card bill from surprising you in January.

It isn’t as fancy as it sounds - if you have never made one before, it is simply a list of categories you are likely to spend on. With the amount you plan to spend beside it.

Total it up to ensure you will have the funds to cover all that you are planning. Don’t panic if it is more than you realized… you haven’t spent the money yet, and there is time to course correct. If debt has been an issue in past years, you are just seeing it before, instead of after.

A simple method is to use envelopes with cash for each category. Or use a fancier system to track the actual spending in relation to the plan. Whichever way you choose, it is so helpful in staying clear, conscious, and connected to your intention - and to end the year without any financial harm.

I find myself able to relax and enjoy the entire giving season when I have 'pre-spent' the money, giving us permission and 'guardrails' for our spending.

Spending money on gifts made me EXTREMELY anxious years ago, in part because we didn't have much to spend, but more importantly because there was no plan and it felt out of control - I am so glad that part of me has done a 180!

Here are some categories to consider using..

Decorations - Tree, Candles, Wreaths, Lights, etc.
Holiday Meals & Entertainment - pay particular attention if you are hosting, or attending lots of parties where you will bring wine or gifts for the host
Wrapping Supplies
Santa (if it applies)
Pet Gifts (I know... but for some people this adds up :-)
Charitable Giving
End of Year Tips (housecleaner, hairdresser, doorman, etc.)

If you find your funds not quite stretching to cover as much as you want to cover, consider ALL the possibilities!  The possibilities could include: exploring creative solutions (a lightly used toy swap with friends to be re-wrapped and newly loved by your kiddos and theirs) as well as lowering your expectations. As Erin Boyle states on her blog, "there’s no admission price to the holidays".  You can be in the spirit of giving without sacrificing your own financial wellbeing.  

If you find that while you are shopping for others your own intense desire to spend and buy for yourself, consider putting aside a little money for yourself before you go shopping ($10-$100).  Giving yourself healthy permission in advance can, in and of itself, prevent overspending. You can choose to spend it, not spend it, or give it away... but it gives you choice. And sometimes that is what we need the most.

Stay grounded… stay connected…and enjoy the spirit of this giving, generous season!

If you want a very sweet reminder about the joy of giving, take a peak at this ad from the UK - My daughters shared it with me - I highly recommend watching until the very end… so very good!

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that will shift you towards Financial Breathing Room and give you the space to dream!

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A Bit of Calm for the Holiday Storm...

Megan deBoer

Photo by  Caley Dimmock

Photo by Caley Dimmock

Is your inbox as full as mine? Black Friday! Cyber Monday! Giving Tuesday!

And so here we are... fully immersed in the holiday season before we have even turned the calendar to December.

I won't lie. It all makes me tired. It is a quick pull away from this moment - a grounded sense of enough. Of plenty. It reminds me just how quickly we can get pulled off center.

It isn't necessarily negative - so much that is being offered is lovely, worthy, helpful, and fun! It is just that there is an incessant pace to all of it at this time of year. This is the first ingredient of the storm.

It is the season of over-spending, over-eating, over-drinking, over-committing, general over-indulging. Each one of these has an effect on your financial wellbeing. Combined, it creates a bit of internal chaos.

This time of year also holds emotional highs and lows - for many of us this time is laced with sorrow or nostalgia for what was, or isn't. This is another layer of the storm - and can increase its intensity.

So - what to do? I wanted to share some thoughts, and some resources to provide an anchor in the coming weeks. 

Holding steady emotionally becomes your most trusted anchor. And what prevents debt, over-spending, or other financial hangovers come January.

Checking in with ourselves regularly becomes the practice that helps us stay true to ourselves... and our commitment to our financial health.

A Quick Assessment - to do throughout the holiday season… 

  • What is the feeling I am feeling? Simply name it. Acknowledge the feeling. Be with it for one breath (happy, sad, angry, anxious, overwhelmed...)

  • What do I need right now? Water? (maybe pack a bottle of water to bring with you each day) Deep breaths? (1 deep breath does wonders…) A snack? (maybe keep some good protein in your bag…nuts and dried fruit are my favorite) A few moments alone in your car between ALL.THE.THINGS? (it is perhaps the best gift you can give everyone around you...calm and centered you) A quick call to your best friend to cry or laugh with? (you know, that friend who grounds you…)

  • Meet that need! Drink the water. Eat the snack. Take that long deep breath - or 5. Or do all of the above! (and if I sound like a mother, it is because I am a mother - and a human who knows how easy it is to forget these things)

  • Then ask, Do I feel grounded? Feeling grounded allows clear thinking, making decisions from an un-rushed, un-reactive stateIf the answer is no, consider repeating 1-4... and know it is all about PRACTICE... not about being perfect!

I would recommend doing this quick assessment before you make any purchasing decisions... online or in actual stores. 

[And TEA… always take time out to pause for tea - or your beverage of choice. If you know me, you know how much I love to have tea in my cold hands.]

Being a mindful spender is all about practice... a practice in learning how we respond and react. A practice in being more conscious and intentional about the choices we make - about our money, our time, and our energy. Each of which is a resource to be tended with care.

I hope you stay grounded during this season - coming through feeling as though every dollar was money well spent.

Master the 7 Principles

that will shift you towards Financial Breathing Room and give you the space to dream!

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7 Steps to Consciously Invest in your Wardrobe

Megan deBoer

We all need to wear clothing... and for so many of us, it is more than just covering our bodies and being warm - it is about expressing ourselves. Spending money on clothes can be thrilling. Expressive. Sometimes guilt-inducing - but of course - necessary.

It is an area that gets confusing - where there is often a blurry line between 'need' & 'desire'. We tend to be more vulnerable to overspend when we aren't clear - making impulsive decisions that may be filled with later regret.

This year, I want to invite you to take a look at your closet and approach buying new clothing for the season from an intentional, thoughtful, 'slow money' perspective - where it feels really good to wear what you buy! I want you to LOVE what you wear and spend without guilt.

The steps below help you get there. 

Because I am so tired of our culture wasting on all the levels - wasting MONEY, wasting RESOURCES, wasting TIME, wasting SPACE,wasting ENERGY. There is another way - for you, your wallet, your 'I feel fabulous in this!' and the greater world around us.

I think the biggest hurdle is that no matter how much we have, it can feel like 'not enough'. This is where the myth 'more is better' (even when more is scratchy, doesn't look good, doesn't fit) has been our cultural mantra. To realize 'plenty', we have to start defining what is 'enough' for us. How many pants? How many shoes? How many shirts would be enough?

I am thrilled that there is a solid trend towards a 'capsule' wardrobe - a thoughtfully curated closet of a small number of interchangeable pieces.

Wherever your 'enough' line is, I want to encourage you to define it. Because I believe LESS really is more in this area (less laundry, dry cleaning, less space required, less folding, less money, less ironing... you get the idea).

Here are my steps to mindfully clear out a closet and discern what you need/want to invest in.

Step 1: SORT

  • Get 4 bags (laundry baskets, boxes): Label them "Keep" "Not Sure" "Care/Repair/Replace" "Pass Along" - Go through everything and force yourself to decide which of the 4 piles each goes in. The "Not Sure" might be really big - but that is just fine. You don't have to know yet. Everything that is "KEEP" can go immediately back in your drawers / closet. Leave the other piles alone for now.


  • Have 3 Lists: "NEED!" "Want!" "Replace" - This step calls for honest reflection. What is truly 'missing' in your closet (go back and take a look at what is in your drawers / closet. What is missing? It might be that you 'have' everything you need, but it is all black... or it is all very boring, or doesn't feel fresh to you... this may indicate that you actually 'need' some colorful pieces, some new pieces, to add a little life to your closet. Need doesn't mean it is restricted to socks, underwear, one pair of jeans, and a t-shirt! It is a perfect time to make a Pinterest Board, or if you are a bit of a nerd you might enjoy the Style Book App that helps you plan outfits (oh yes, I am that nerd). But whatever you use, play around with the new colors, textures, and styles that inspire you as you are right now... (not the 5 year ago version of yourself).


  • Look through your "Not Sure" pile with fresh eyes - sometimes our brains see things through an old filter. Take a look through the 'not sure' pile. There may be nothing, or there may be something that catches your eye now that things are clearer (your style, your needs). Don't keep anything out of guilt - it was an impulse buy you regret, it was expensive, it was a gift. Nope. If you are tempted to keep it out of guilt, it most definitely needs to go in the pass along pile. But maybe there is something that catches your eye... and will satisfy a few of the 'want' items on your list. This isn't about 'making do' necessarily - though you may see something as working for a little while longer while you search for something better - if this is the case, put it on your "replace" list.


  • Learn some new skills - we are a consumer culture, meaning we have not been taught - or have forgotten - that it is entirely possible to extend the life of your clothing with a few simple skills: mending, sewing on a button, de-pilling sweaters, shining shoes, hand washing, ironing... I have a "Waste Not Want Not" board on Pinterest with a few tutorials, but there are plenty with a quick you-tube search. This time of year you can care for your sweaters by hand washing, de-pilling, or dry cleaning. Taking care of our clothing is a re-emerging art form. I, for one, am pretty excited - because it is yet another way we can actively 'tend' to our wealth.


  • Turn your "Pass Along" pile into new clothing, money, or happy recipients - letting go of what is no longer serving you is liberating. It can also provide a way to get a few of the pieces you have on your need or desire list! To spin your straw into gold, here are some of my favorite options...

    • Sell / Exchange - Your local consignment store, Crossroads, Buffalo Exchange OR Online: Thread UpDepopPoshmark (if you get cash back, put this in an envelope for #6)

    • Host a Clothing Swap - Your friends may also have a pile that they are tired of, but would be fun for others. It can be a really fun social event as well! 

    • No matter what, make sure the clothes move along by the end of the month - you don't want these hanging around any longer than they need to - circulation requires that they move out for good.

Step 6: PLAN

  • How much can you spend? - Make sure this is conscious, thoughtful, and grounded. If impulsive spending, or credit card spending has been a problem in the past, take the money out in CASH so you are clear about the limit you are working with. But you will still want to add a little more detail to your plan. Prioritize what you need. Look at prices online. Plan how much You may need for the big pieces. You may have to span the purchasing over a few months, but I want you to be clear. This is where your list is a fantastic guide.

Step 7: INVEST

  • NOW you are ready to spend money on those new pieces for the fall - 

    • Investing in new pieces means that you LOVE what you buy. 

    • It is a good investment if you WILL actually wear it (my rule is that if I can hardly wait to put something on the morning after I get it, I know I will love it for years. If, on the other hand, I am a little 'meh' about it and don't wear it right away, I usually take this as a sign and return it - hence I have a rule of keeping tags on for at least 24hrs). 

    • So, in addition to the actual COST of the item, make sure you will get MANY wears out of it - otherwise even a $20 shirt can be extremely 'expensive' if you end up never wearing it out the door.

    • It also means that the item will LAST - it won't fall apart after a few wears but can be mended throughout its long life.

Ahhh... can you envision your closet: sorted, clear, clean, curated... everything that you love, nothing less, nothing more? I am working on mine. Every year I add a few new pieces: good shoes, sweaters, and pants that I like (this is the toughest of all for me to find). I have a ways to go, but I am further along than I have ever been.

To money well spent on a closet full of your favorites!

Master the 7 Principles

that will shift you towards Financial Breathing Room and give you the space to dream!

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Do you RUN from Money?

Megan deBoer

Photo by  Jeremy Lapak

Photo by Jeremy Lapak

Do YOU run from money??

Oh no, not me, [you say] – I love money!”

But perhaps the answer isn’t so simple. You see, sometimes we turn our backs when things get hard – when things aren’t quite as easy, or nearly as pleasant, as we would like. [Ahem]

Being in a  r – e – l – a –t – i – o – n – s – h – i – p  with money requires we are there, for better or worse. For richer, for poorerIn sickness and in health. 

Which is work. And it’s HARD. And make any of the following really, really difficult to face: 

  • Those unopened bills oppressing you daily with their very presence on the counter…

  • The student loan debt that you just can’t bear to look at – the balance unrecognizable from the amount you borrowed in the first place…

  • The dread of speaking to your accountant and finally knowing the amount you owe for last year’s taxes (so you just forget to return their calls and miss some critical deadlines…)

  • A customer - or client - or boss - or family member - who owes YOU money but you keep not bringing it up because you don't want them to think you are _______ (fill in your own blank)...

Can you relate? Maybe you have a different list. But I imagine it has the same flavor.

Avoidance is the external symptom of our nervous system’s response to FEAR. FLIGHT & FREEZE are the strategy. Avoidance. Paralysis. And yes, RUNNING away. Get to know these ‘helpers’ of yours. When do they show up in your world? (it helps to start getting curious, so simply pay attention and observe...)

They are actually “brilliant” and sneaky survival responses - but that doesn’t mean they are doing you any favors! As for helping you survive? I would bet that your unconscious has you doing all matter of crazy, illogical things in the name of 'safety'. 

But none of those things leave you feeling peaceful. They likely leave you with either low grade anxiety, hopelessness, or full-on shame and despair.

Each of these states have you - yes you! – running from money. We alldo it to some degree. In my experience it is the brave, courageous, conscious act of turning TOWARDS what we fear that also allows us to run towards money… yes, the ‘for BETTER’ ‘for RICHER’ and HEALTH part of the relationship we ALL want. 

It doesn’t have to mean agony… it doesn’t have to be a life sentence of torture. All that is required is a willingness to brave what we fear. To stare it straight in the eyes, even when it terrifies us. SO THAT WE MOVE TO THE OTHER SIDE.

Because this is what I know to be true: we cannot have one without the other

We can’t have a peaceful relationship with money until we confront the fear. 

When we avoid the darkness the light is suppressed in there too. Always. 

I have sat with many clients as we open months of unopened bills (which is symbolic of anything being avoided, really…). There is always a good deal of brow-sweat, shortness of breath, and tears… 

But you know what else there is?

As if by magic, we find LIGHT in that darkness: the amounts due are inevitably smaller than their mind had assumed. 

Sometimes there has actually been a statement of a CREDIT! Sometimes an actual CHECK that is about to expire!! 

Even if there isn’t money in an envelope, the reward is always CLARITY. RELIEF. EMPOWERMENT – the truth really does set us free.

And THAT, my friends, leads to a balanced relationship with money – a true partnership with money….The good along with the hard - the challenging along with the beautiful.

Run towards money in its completeness… because it is always BOTH / AND. 

Money is inherently dynamic, asking YOU to be engaged, to dance with the entire range and find the beauty you can create together from here forward, COME WHAT MAY. It is a relationship that – unlike some others! – really will last a lifetime, like it or not.

So, are YOU running away from money right now? How is your “relationship” with money? The good parts, the hard parts?


Master the 7 Principles

that will shift you towards Financial Breathing Room and give you the space to dream!

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Why Wasn't there a class about money in school??

Megan deBoer

I have Virgo in my chart, so this time of year always feels like a refreshing return to Order & Routine - aka, a giant sigh of relief pour moi! The back to school supplies definitely add to my mood - sharpened pencils, fresh notebooks - a fresh start that all of us (in this country, anyway) have in our bones, like it or not.

But when you think of allllllll the classes you attended over alllllll the school years, was even ONE of them about money??? About the practical nuts and bolts? (if you were lucky you learned how to balance a checkbook). How about addressing the emotional aspects of money?? I would like to think that there is at least *one* person somewhere who was lucky enough to receive guidance about the emotional side of money in school, but I know there probably isn't a single one.

We teach sex education (poorly in most cases, but at least it is taught), so why not personal finance? Why is this? Why has this virtually disappeared from the curriculum, when the ONE thing we all have to deal with is money? I have some long answers to that question - but will save that for another time.

The fact that we 'never learned this in school', yet we are still 'supposed to know' leaves far too many people stuck in shame or unable to move forward because there is a real fear of looking or feeling stupid.

If I could shout from the rooftops and call everyone who feels this way out of their homes, the streets would become a party - truly! 

Financial education is STILL a subject that we 'assume' will be covered at home, but more often than not, it isn't. 

If, as a parent, YOU feel unsure, or insecure, about money it can be really hard to bring up the subject with your kids. Inadvertently, a void is created, and from that void in communication some unconscious patterns can develop for the person watching. 

This means that for most of us, our financial education came predominately by witnessing: our parent's mood when the bills were paid (or not paid). The mood before - and then just after - Payday. Our mood when we wanted something that was a little expensive and we knew not to even ask. When one of our parents spent money in secret. Or told us not to tell. Our little minds tried to make sense of these experiences. Learning ways to respond to money in our future.

We all have layers - most are unconscious, and they may or may not be influencing our current reality. Also! Our parents did their best, after all, they were "taught" by their parents (your grandparents), and so the cycle goes.

But here's the good news. If YOU missed this fundamental 'Life Class' about money, there is no reason that you cannot start learning now! 

And...You don't have to be an expert to teach your kids. However, it always helps to be honest. Tell them in a simple, age appropriate way, that you are still learning (why yes, it is ok to not know 'everything'). Tell them that you would make different choices if you could make them again (we ALL have made some mistakes with money, acknowledging this is healthy for you - and them). Tell them that you want to support them in learning so they can make better choices throughout their lives. They will make mistakes, but you can talk about these mistakes and help support them through the learning.

Even if you don't have kids, you can use this same approach with yourself - imagining that you are your own parent, talking to your younger self. Engage in this dialogue (see below). You will simultaneously heal any void that may exist and take the reins of your financial life.

Someday I hope there will be an enlightened class in schools that cover all the financial literacy topics as well as healing some of the dysfunction that has been passed from generation to generation. Until then, we can take the reins ourselves.

Did you have a class about money in school? If you didn't, what do you wish you had learned? 

And...Are you talking to your kids about money? If not, what makes it hard for you?


Master the 7 Principles

that will shift you towards Financial Breathing Room and give you the space to dream!

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A week of endings & graduations & the importance of spending Plans

Megan deBoer

You know when time feels surreal? When you wake up in the day you have anticipated for so long - perhaps with excitement, sadness, or dread. And then there it is. The Day.

Today I woke up and took my oldest daughter to school for the last day of her senior year. I have been preparing myself on many levels - but when it finally arrived, preparation seemed irrelevant. I found myself choking on tears as I turned the corner. I know logically it isn't any real end... she is still living with us, she will still come home this fall, and we leave for a 3 week trip to Europe together in just a couple weeks. But it is an ending.

I took her out for breakfast - something we rarely do. We talked about college, how she wants to approach it, what inspires her. It was dreamy in every way. The me of 10 years ago would have been anxious to spend money this way - fearing it would mean we couldn't buy a tank of gas. It is why I recently added a category in my own spending plan for 'one on one time with the girls'.

That may seem excessively detailed to you - but for me it is what this work is ultimately about: aligning your spending with your highest intention - and ensuring you have the money to spend without any harm. This isn't about being extravagant. It is about being intentional. Consciously guiding your money to what is most important to you.

It is these moments that remind me to stay present. To simply be. We hurry through so much. We worry about so much. I am getting that harsh reminder today - life is short. The time we spend with our loved ones is fleeting. What are you NOT doing today that you will regret a year from now? I am reminding myself to do it. Today. Not next month, not next year. But today. 

Your spending plan holds your intentions in physical form. It is powerful. What is held in your spending plan?

Master the 7 Principles

that will shift you towards Financial Breathing Room and give you the space to dream!

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Paying Taxes?

Megan deBoer


I am writing checks for my own stack of tax payments. Perhaps you aren’t the procrastinator I am (but if you are, cheers!).

I also helped my daughter file her very first return this year. I explained all the parts - familiarizing her with all the pages, the lingo, and what she was paying for...

I am writing this for you - for her - ( for me….)

Taxes trigger “Loss Aversion Bias”. It is painful. We feel something is being taken from us. (and arguably, something is). 

There are two sides to everything, though - nothing is either good or bad. It is always degrees of both. 

And because there is always an energetic exchange with money, it is important to explore all sides - so that when you release the money (each paycheck or each quarter or each April) you do so with neutrality - even gratitude

(I know….but bear with me).

So let’s reframe taxes (and at least for this exercise, sidestep the current state of our country, it’s priorities, and the disparity in too many line items).

Because: Libraries. National Parks. (Mostly) Functional roads and bridges. Social Security. Education. Medicare… 

You can probably draw a short line between any of the above and your own life - these are the more obvious ones that we benefit from. (again, not saying that they are perfect… so…#sheshouldrun)

If you have ever traveled through a country whose main roads have potholes every few feet, you may have some appreciation for how much easier our lives are - and how much we may take for granted.

Your taxes help make these things possible - for you, and for our fellow citizens. If we weren’t contributing, who, exactly would be paying for these? Who would we WANT paying for these? I would rather I be a stakeholder in our democracy, because it does give us some power.

Privilege is tied to responsibility…and, sometimes that looks like paying taxes for the Collective.

So - see if you can find one or two things to be grateful for when you write your checks. Pretend 100% of it is going in that direction. Energetically you shift the energy you send it with. Maybe that does something to shift the political energy, maybe it doesn’t. But it will make your experience more pleasant, I promise.

If you are making promises to yourself that you “will never be in this situation again!” (dreading tax time, feeling disorganized, overwhelmed, head in the sand, shameful, or any other negative feelings about money) - Please reach out for support

It is my mission to make your whole experience with money more peaceful.


And with that, I am sending my own stack of envelopes to the collective community that we still are...


P.S. my FAVORITE app for guesstimating tax liability throughout the year is: TaxSlayer - free to download and check in on quarterly to avoid surprises

Master the 7 Principles

that will shift you towards Financial Breathing Room and give you the space to dream!

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How to be in Congruence with Prosperity

Megan deBoer

How to be in Congruence with Prosperity


Have you ever found yourself in a room filled with people who seem to have more money than you? You learn that the person you are talking to just moved into a new house (or insert any desired thing), while you feel stuck paying off your credit cards - though the balances are where they were last year. You feel a tidal wave of shame take over, followed by some pretty harsh self talk. 

What about the friend - or public figure - who talks about how making money is so fun and easy! You find yourself collapsing inside, wondering why it is so incredibly hard for you to just make ends meet! You have been stuck in the same place for years, and your envy of them is growing into an unflattering form of resentment.

Or the conversations where you feel superior - even if you may not want to admit it - because you are a better person than 'those people' who are making, or spending, a 'ridiculous' amount of money. You, at least, are on moral high ground (even if not financial high ground).

I have been in many versions of these conversations - on one side or the other. I have heard these conversations recited from hundreds of my clients. I see them play out in movies. We are all wrestling with our own internal conflicts about money. They are normal, but that doesn't make them desirable.

Because there is no peace with any of these states. 

We forget that true prosperity requires a congruent state - just like fear and love can't co-exist, prosperity can't exist when the following states are dominant:

When shame overtakes you - when you feel unworthy, incapable, not-enough, undeserving - there is nowhere for prosperity to co-exist.

When envy colors your perception, even subtly, a part of you has already given up - determining that you are powerless to experience this kind of ease and prosperity for yourself. won't experience prosperity.

When you judge others for their prosperity, the hard truth is that you are judging a part of you that you don't want to see. Until there is acceptance of those same parts that you judge within yourself, prosperity won't rest in you.

If any of this resonates with you, I would encourage you to simply bring awareness to your interactions and reactions...

To when you feel agitated, shamed, envious, judge-y. See what is underneath them. See what they are telling you - about yourself. We all have these responses - and I believe they help us to grow, if we allow them to.

Then see if you can explore the other side: Being worthy, deserving, capable, enoughBeing powerful in your ability to create your realityBeing like all other humans who walk the earth - filled with choices that have us act in strange ways. How do you really feel about all of your choices? 

I'm not saying that the ball is exclusively in our court - there are very real external factors making the path exponentially harder, particularly for some. But there are pieces of this game that we can claim ownership - even mastery - of. It doesn't always require a financial investment - it is often a shift in perception that is the most significant. But sometimes a more deliberate decision to have support is necessary.

One option is to consider enrolling in my online course, Equipped to Thrive or to attend an upcoming Yoga & Prosperity Retreat.

This lovely Springtime weather is a wonderful opportunity to explore and experience the abundance and prosperity all around you - flowers emerging, blossoms bursting - it is a wonderful time to sink into the feelings of it all.

Happy (almost) Spring!

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that will shift you towards Financial Breathing Room and give you the space to dream!

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