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This is what I know…

We do our best work in this world, have the broadest and deepest impact – in our work, with our loved ones, for ourselves - when we are not held back by our shame, guilt, confusion, frustration, and powerlessness with our MONEY.

My name is Megan deBoer.

For the past 10+ years I have been working with clients  – individuals and small business owners - helping them navigate the complex terrain of their money: the practical parts, the emotional parts, and the fascinating and dynamic relationship between the two.


As a Financial Wellness Coach, I have had the honor of witnessing clients go from a state of constant financial struggle – both internal and external - to an experience of agency, empowerment, clarity and calm with their earning, saving, spending, and wealth.


I recognize the struggle well – the tension that exists around earning and supporting a fulfilling life. I was there myself before finding this effective approach and healing the internal conflict I had wrestled with for years: about my worth, receiving, and wealth.


Helping my clients transcend their own financial tension allows them to do their work, to live THEIR life – with deeper impact, purpose, fulfillment and satisfaction than ever before - this is what makes me leap out of bed each day.


If you are ready to not feel so alone – or held back by any money shame – I invite you to reach out for support. It is one of the most loving gifts you can give yourself, your future, and the impact you want to have in this world.

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You are still here reading –

because NOW is the time for you to liberate yourself from whatever shame and lack you may experience with your money. If you’re ready to make this shift, but have no idea where to begin, this guide will help you take the first steps to make this vision become your reality.

This guide includes clarifying questions in each area of wealth and identifies the ones that may currently be out of alignment.

  • The Wealth of Time
  • The Wealth of Freedom
  • Your Financial Wealth
  • The Wealth of Relationships
  • The Wealth of Vitality
  • The Wealth of Self

This guide will shift your vision of wealth towards action… 

Every tiny new action you take simultaneously heals an old pattern and brings you into alignment with the wealthier life you desire – no matter what your finances look like right now.

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Tending to Your Wealth is about a new way of BEING with money.

It’s not about saving a prescribed amount of money every month,
or adhering to a rigid budget.

It’s about looking at - and understanding – the context of your past decisions so that you can make new, conscious, empowered ones as you step more and more into the future you are ready for: a future which includes having plenty of savings as well as the money and time to support your desired life.

How can you engage with this work?

These are three ways to immediately dive in:

1:1 Work

Personalized, in-depth support and accountability to realize your
desired future

1:1 Work

Equipped To Thrive

Develop a NEW relationship to money - A self-paced course + interactive calls

Equipped To Thrive


Explore old perceptions and new approaches by engaging a
different conversation

TW Blog

"Megan, since beginning our work together about a year ago, I feel like ‘the floodgates are opening.’ I feel so clear, focused, and excited about the future. Getting my financial world in order has alleviated so much stress in my life, and now my creativity and energy can pour out even more. I am so grateful for you!"
Alexandra Franzen


"Since I have been working with Megan, not only has my income increased by leaps and bounds, but equally importantly, so has my self esteem and satisfaction with my self, my life and my accomplishments. I am achieving goals I never thought I could meet, and ever reaching out for new ones—materially and spiritually"
Dr. F.
Psychoanalyst, Teacher, Mentor


"Before working with Megan, I felt very anxious and completely unaware of my financial situation. So many of my decisions around money were based on emotions and not facts. Megan’s gentle, kind, compassionate yet deliberate approach put me at ease from the get go. Over time, my anxiety decreased and I was able to feel not only conscious of my finances but completely empowered about taking charge of my life, my dreams and my future. I’ve already recommended Megan to my dearest friends. The investment is a drop in the bucket relative to the value of what you are about to receive."

If all you can see and all you know is where you are right now, you won’t be able to change your future.

So – how do you start making a shift?

First – and most importantly – give yourself permission to envision the life you want. It is amazing how quickly we thwart our imagination with the belief that it isn’t possible - especially for us. But when you fully see the lifestyle that you want – regardless of how far off it may feel from where you are today – your desire for it builds. From this desire, very clear and solid pillars begin to emerge. Aligning our actions, and our creative energy, with these allow a more fulfilled life to materialize.

ALIGN with PLENTY - Download the FREE Guide

Your past ‘mistakes’, detours, roadblocks and frustrations with money shouldn’t hold you back from living the life you are ready for…

Align with what’s true and authentic to who you are, what you desire, and allow opportunities to emerge and guide you towards creating your version of true wealth and prosperity.

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