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Personal Finance Mentoring - Integrating the practical and emotional elements of your money.




You want clarity and control, not to find yourself wandering around in a financial haze because you don’t know where your money went or where it needs to go.

You want to look at your money and feel proud, not see it as a reminder of how you have somehow “failed”.

You are tired of responding impulsively or fearfully when deciding what to spend money on.

You realize that you are a bit different: traditional budgets just don’t work for you – they never have.

You feel like you should know better, which only feeds a low-grade secret shame that you carry on your back.

You are eager to realize financial success -

You want more savings, disposable income, no debt, to travel, secure your retirement and pay for children’s education.

We all want that.  And you should have it.

So why is it so hard to achieve?

You may have complex and contradictory beliefs around money.

You may lack organization or feel paralyzed, not knowing where to begin.

You may have a resistance to change - or a fear of what you anticipate seeing - that is shutting down your valiant attempts.

Or you may have a partner who sees things differently, who challenges what you want to do, or even checks out and leaves all the decisions up to you.

And sadly, not transcending these barriers has a cost.

The cost might be the balance on your credit cards, or the balance you have just paid off (maybe even a few times).

It is also the trips you have dreamed about but can never take – at least without coming home to increased debt.

Or the horrible realization that there is a huge lack of savings.

There is also a tremendous amount of mental and emotional energy spent worrying.  Regretting.  Fearing.  Projecting. Beating yourself up - further depleting your confidence in this one area of your life.  

When you feel uncomfortable about the state of your finances, it may be hard to be present with your spouse, your family, or to get a good night’s sleep.  

In your mind there is often a voice that says: “you are not good with money, you should know better!  Why can’t you get a handle on this?” Oh, that voice….

I know that voice.

I know intimately how high the tangible and intangible costs are because I paid them myself – for years. I spent many nights when my girls were little clenching my teeth with financial anxiety.

It was at this time that I sought support – I met with a respected financial advisor to help us figure out what we could be doing to improve our finances.

“Spend less or make more- when you have more money I will be able to help you” was the summarized version of our hour-long conversation.

I left his office feeling resentful of his insensitive “advice” and at a complete loss of what my next step would be. Under my resentment I knew he had hit a cord of deep shame – I felt like I had been doing all that I knew how to do, and clearly I wasn’t doing enough, or doing it well enough – and how stupid was I?

The solution was clearly obvious. But it felt utterly hopeless.  We had long ago cut out all non-essentials (relying on incredibly creative solutions to nearly every ‘extra’ expense – delaying many essentials until our tax refund arrived, or resorting to credit cards). Making more would involve even more work for one, or both of us, and with my role as the primary caregiver of two young girls, this sounded deeply exhausting either way we turned.  I felt even more alone after leaving that appointment – he meant well, and quite honestly it is age old – and sage – advice.

What was missing was support – someone who could assist me in seeing beyond my blind spots, to help me see possibility and options where I saw none. I was not aware of the tangle of beliefs I had about wealth, earning, and financial struggle. I felt like I was doing everything in my power to be “good with money” and yet it wasn’t working, and the advice I had been given seemed to put me smack between a rock and a hard place with no way to escape.

On that day I made a powerful decision – I was going to learn another way, a way that would help us escape this cycle without further deprivation or increasing our working hours.

Today I am emotionally at peace with the natural ups and downs of life and less fearful of the unknown.  I am clear about the choices we make and why we make them, knowing that we have a solid financial approach that will support us with all the amazing and challenging elements the future may hold. My confidence in handling our finances allows me to live in a mindful and present state, liberated from anxious fear and reactivity with the ability to see - and more importantly create - the life we desire. Having attained this, I am passionate about sharing it with you.

I want to help you achieve a very, very different financial future.

If you are struggling, you deserve to have support. No one should be isolated in their struggle, feelings of shame, or feel that their goals will never materialize.

You can begin today to find a way to achieve a bit of space to see possibility between where you feel you are and where it is you want to be.

I want to invite you to start right now with my gift to you – a series of mini-classes to help you turn towards a state of financial peace.

Enter your info in this form to get started immediately.

For some, financial peace may mean having enough money at the end of the month to sleep at night – for others it means taking a long awaited vacation, for you it may mean contributing substantially to your retirement account. My deepest hope is that you recognize that you deserve to have your money working as a tool to support you and your best life, not as an ever-oppressive force denying the very possibility of it.

I want you to know that it can be different, and that you have the ability to take steps to turn things around. This, more than anything is what I wish – that your money becomes a tool to be used consciously. Where it is respected and treated with reverence, allowing dreams to become conscious and attained.

Your best life is waiting for you – the question becomes, are you ready to take the action to receive it?

If you are interested in exploring what your next steps could be, please fill out the brief form by clicking on the link below.  I look forward to being in touch soon!



Since I have been working with Megan, not only has my income increased by leaps and bounds, but equally importantly, so has my self esteem and satisfaction with my self, my life and my accomplishments. I am achieving goals I never thought I could meet, and ever reaching out for new ones—materially and spiritually. Thank you Megan!
— Dr. F., Psychoanalyst, teacher, mentor
Megan, since beginning our work together about a year ago, I feel like ‘the floodgates are opening.’ I feel so clear, focused, and excited about the future. A huge reason for this is because of working with you! Getting my financial world in order has alleviated so much stress in my life, and now my creativity and energy can pour out even more. I am so grateful for you!
— Alexandra Franzen,

I was asked recently what Tended Wealth means…. To me, it is about caring for what is most important to each of us – our emotional, physical, spiritual, and material wealth.  Tending to the financial aspect of our life is integral to supporting the rest.  Read more:

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