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Personal Finance Mentoring - Integrating the practical and emotional elements of your money.



I was asked recently what Tended Wealth means…. To me, it is about caring for what is most important to each of us – our emotional, physical, spiritual, and material wealth.  Tending to the financial aspect of our life is integral to supporting the rest.  We are a part of the dynamic process of imagining and constructing our lives.  In respecting, creating, and nurturing our money, we engage intimately with what we value, what nourishes us, inspires us, and helps us thrive - or what holds us back. 

I believe there is no separation between financial and emotional wealth, one supports the other, and one can easily thwart the other.

My family, and the home that we have created together, are the foundation of my emotional wealth.  Dinners shared with family and friends are the joy and highlight of my week.  Our daughters are (or nearly are) teenagers, and our priority is to be flexible to their schedules – we know this time is fleeting. 

My husband and I work from home, the place where we both work best.  I spend my weekends working in my garden, cooking nourishing food, doing house projects, sewing, or getting out of town on a needed outdoor adventure with family or friends.  I am tremendously grateful to have found work that I truly love, work that can support me in every sense there is. 

It has been a long journey to find work that fits this definition…

My B.A. did not provide a clear career trajectory – it took me many years to know how it would ever be beneficial.  My major was titled, “Comparative History of Ideas” – an exploration of philosophy, religion, anthropology, literature, and history.  I was  - and am - fascinated by the human experience.  

My academic focus questioned where ideas stem from, and how they shaped historical and societal events.  In the process we questioned our own assumptions and examined the origin of our own belief system that influenced our analysis.

I currently take my clients through a similar process: my mind is trained to explore the belief systems, the unconscious assumptions, and the patterns that influence our thinking and our subsequent behavior.

After my first daughter was born I became a birth doula, supporting women through childbirth.  I coached dozens of powerful women as they brought new life into the world.  I witnessed women face deep fears - despite their need and desire to do what they needed to do. 

With careful guidance and skillful support, my role was to empower them to transcend this fear, resistance, and pain.  The birthing process gave them a tremendous sense of pride for their deep inner strength

I now see how similar my current work is: I create a safe space for my clients to travel through their fears, challenges, and assist them in developing new skills that will allow them to be empowered financially.

As my daughters grew it became increasingly difficult to attend births and run another business that I had.  I closed both these chapters and returned to the bookkeeping work I had enjoyed pre-children. 

I applied my skills to help other small business owners get a handle on their finances.  It was a task that they neglected or actively avoided, and I believed that I could help them be more proactive in the management of their business.  

Though I found the tidiness of the work satisfying, there was something missing.  I was yearning to understand the more complex story behind the numbers and have the ability to turn this understanding into lasting change for the people I worked for. 

It was in this search that I found the Financial Recovery Institute in 2012 and became a certified Financial Recovery Counselor.  It is work that I have found to be as transformative for myself as it has been for my clients.

Maybe you, like me, have found yourself in careers that appear dissimilar, until suddenly all the pieces of yourself come together.  On paper my interests seem to be 180 degrees apart, yet I am learning to trust that the journey makes perfect sense in the end, and I have exactly what I need to assist my clients. 

I never would have expected to fall in love with work that lies at the crossroads of money & the human experience.   

I feel grateful to be able to combine my aptitudes and passion in a way that supports the many people who work with me to attain financial freedom.

If you are interested in learning how I could support you, please fill out the brief form from the link below.  I look forward to being in touch soon!


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