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You may have been searching for years to arrive on a page like this – or perhaps you only recently became aware of your need – your desire – to do things differently

I searched for all kinds of ways to relieve our financial strain [read more here]. It wasn’t until I stumbled upon this work professionally  that I found this uniquely integrated approach. Until then I could barely articulate what the tension really was, let alone solve it.

What had been missing was support - someone who could assist me in seeing beyond my blind spots, to help me see possibility and options where I saw none. I was not aware of the tangle of beliefs I had about wealth, earning, and financial struggle. 

Having personal support was fundamental to my own transformation - as someone who is passionately independent, always learning how to 'do it myself' - this was a revelation.

If you are struggling financially, you deserve to have support. No one should be isolated in their struggle, feelings of shame, or feel that their financial goals will never materialize.

What would it be like to receive both practical and emotional support in the financial area of your life?

Below are three ways you can begin working with me. 

Yoga + Prosperity Workshops

Powerful workshops to fully
integrate wealth and prosperity in your life

Yoga + Prosperity

1:1 Coaching

For in depth, personalized support in helping you reach your individual financial goals.

1:1 Coaching

Online Courses

Develop a NEW relationship to money   from anywhere in the world on your own flexible, self-paced timeline.

Online Courses

For Existing Clients

If you are currently working with me or have worked with me in the past, below is access to my schedule + client resources


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