An Inevitable Ripple Effect

How do we move towards more ‘wealth’, and fulfillment? Both individually, and collectively?

There are many practical, logistical, strategic, action-oriented steps that we need to take in our own financial lives: getting paid, saving/investing, paying the bills, paying down debt, creating spending plans...

Each of these is important. 

The recipe for building wealth is, quite honestly, pretty simple: earn more, save/invest more, spend less spend consciously (more on that distinction another day…). 

This is the simplest recipe I know for attaining - and maintaining - financial wealth. 

Simple - but by no means easy. Each one of the three has its own layers… its own complexity… its own hurdles to cross: both visible and invisible; personal and institutional

The statistics are bleak when you examine race, gender, class, and ability. We don’t arrive at the ‘wealth...

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