We Want it to be EASY


We want it to be easy... be a rags to riches story, a succinct success story, a bright and shiny ‘before and after’ story. 


[...a story is usually used to sell, to motivate, to inspire… they delight our imagination, AND they can have unintended consequences. Hopes are heightened, the let-down hard. Inducing shame, self-doubt, and despair. Because what we don’t see clearly is the messy BETWEEN]


The external is always a reflection of the internal. And the internal is messy. Overlapping. Unclear. And complex.


The real story moves forward, then back a bit, then around in a circle, or spiral of repetition - trying to gain clarity, understanding and solid ground. 


It will move forward again - often with wind in its sails, relief for the full-bellied breath. The slow and steady exhale. 


Inevitably, however, there will be more circling, seemingly backward steps, but this time seeing a...

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