Patterns of (Under) Earning

Maybe you have heard this ‘under-earning’ term thrown around. Maybe you identify as an ‘under-earner*’ (see some signs below). Or maybe you have never heard it before now?!

When I heard it I winced to see myself so clearly defined - then I felt a wave of relief (I am not alone!) only to crash into an unknown landscape - what do I do with it now? It felt like a mark on my forehead (which it is NOT). I wanted to hide from that label - deny that there was this giant piece to earning that I would need to address.

It is a journey of many steps from that definition to the profound healing on the other side.

In college I cleaned houses as an efficient and flexible way to earn money. My name spread around, and I was hired for 2-3hrs to deep clean a new woman’s kitchen. My rate at the time was $12/hour, and I had already discussed it with her.

I cleaned her kitchen from top to bottom - including the fridge: the inside + the greasy top, the floors, the cabinets....

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