Out of the Shadows...

Uncategorized Mar 08, 2016

We get so good at living in the world of what we can see, what we choose to see.  From an early age we learn to ignore what might be under the bed, behind the door - we protect ourselves from our fears.  Our imaginations create a whole other reality - usually a terrifying one.

As an adult money is often still lurking in those scary shadows.  I hear ever day about how it their awareness about money is "a bit fuzzy", "completely neglected" and the thought of looking at it clearly makes their stomach turn in knots.  

The trouble is, when we let money live in the shadows we inadvertently leave possibility to live there as well.

It takes courage, bravery, and strength to actually confront the shadows.  But once we do, it really is no different than turning the lights on and seeing that no monster actually lives there.  In fact, it is a place that could be used in a different way.

So, here is an invitation to turn the lights on... to allow money and your...

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The "Wealthy" in Politics... on this Super Tuesday

Uncategorized Mar 01, 2016

We have a fascinating display of opposites in the political arena at the moment.  Without getting into THAT discussion, I am noticing how easy it can be to portray wealth in black and white terms.

In such a climate it is easy to to forget that it is the PEOPLE - their actions, their values - who define and choose what is done with it, not the wealth itself.  Why does this distinction matter?  Because it influences your personal relationship with money.  Rather than being introspective, we are at risk of unconsciously making the decision to lump all millionaires & billionaires into a single bucket - a bucket that is portrayed (currently) as being filled with greed, lies, questionable actions, and hate.  

You will not become what you despise - you may unconsciously reject money because it is guilty by association.

What we need to remember is this: when we choose to all rise by sharing in collective wealth and prosperity, we can achieve incredible things...

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Powerball, A Follow Up -

Uncategorized Jan 18, 2016

Last Tuesday evening I received a call from our local TV station wanting to interview me for their 11pm news - they were doing a piece on the historic Powerball and wanted to balance the hype with the reality.  10 minutes after I hung up the phone, they arrived at my doorstep with a camera and mic.

I was happy to provide my perspective, knowing that sometimes winning can bring unforeseen challenges.  My husband and I stayed up to see it.  The few short clips, and the resulting brief web based transcript, portrayed a very negative reaction to the idea of winning the lottery.  For the record, I did not say that winning the lottery would be detrimental to your health!  I actually believe it is an incredible opportunity, if it is received with conscious awareness.  

Ah, local TV... TV in general.  I appreciate their desire to tell the story as they need to tell it.  They took elements that would support their story, but left out the other...

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Lottery Play...

Uncategorized Jan 11, 2016

I was in the check out line.  To the left of me was a long line of people waiting for a chance of winning the giant lottery.

The checker was telling the couple ahead of me that he "would not tell anyone else" if he were to win.  I heard under these words a deep fear of people taking it, or people taking advantage of him.

I heard an interview with a previous lottery winner who shared his advice to "buy as many tickets as you can afford" as the only real last minute strategy to have any chance at all. (Please.  Please. Please do refrain from this)

I also heard that you would be 25x more likely to be elected president of the United States this coming November than to win this lottery.  So if you think at this very moment you have a shot at the white house, you will have even less of a chance of winning this lottery.

This billion + lottery brings a fascinating range of reactions to the idea of wealth.  There is as much fantasy as there is fear.  Perhaps it...

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Uncategorized Dec 09, 2015

Some of us are better at multiplication than others.  There are some equations that have been etched in my mind (6x6=36) and many more that I still need to calculate.  

Small purchases at this time of year add up... the $5 purchases don't feel like much, until they add up to more than you were expecting to pay.

Here are some good numbers to etch (or re-etch) into your brain.

$15 x 4 = $60

$35 x 5 = $175 ($35 - $40 is a common price point for gifts)

$9 x 4 = $36

Having these multiples in your mind helps you make conscious choices in the moment - so there are no surprises at the register.

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Black Friday

Uncategorized Nov 27, 2015

Have you noticed the trend that is happening this year with large retailers closing their doors?  In Oregon our state parks are waiving their entrance fees on Black Friday.  I am wondering if there is a deeper shift occurring.

If this holiday became less about consumerism, what would be gained?  What would be lost?

I will be posting throughout December about a more thoughtful approach to this holiday season.  Until then, take a moment to explore what comes up when you consider what this cultural shift might mean for you, personally? 

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Giving Thanks

Uncategorized Nov 24, 2015

Like many of you, our family will be celebrating a day of giving thanks with (most of) our family and enjoying a bounty of delicious food.

With the swirl of global events I am reminded of the luxury that this is - and how hard it can be to reconcile the plenty we enjoy with the want of so many.  It feels more critical than ever to express gratitude for all that we have, and to find ways to extend this gratitude to those we love, and those we "know" only through media channels.  It is a small way that we can balance all that is challenged: in ourselves and in our global community.  

We are encouraged to give thanks.  That deserves a moment of reflection... in it is a gift, even if we are only expressing our own gratitude.  Yet, how delightful is it when we are thanked?  It is a gift.


Love more.  What you appreciate, appreciates.  Find gratitude in all things, particularly the hard things. These are the areas I am choosing to focus my...

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Uncategorized Oct 28, 2015

If you scroll down this page you will likely take note of the LACK of posting here!  Part of me squirms and cringes when I see how very neglected this aspect has been (January was my last post... oh my!).  Another part of me has to acknowledge that it just hasn't been a focus - despite my desire for it to be.  I focus on my clients (and family) first, the 'business' aspect second, and the rest a distant third.  I would not be in integrity with my values if I wasn't gentle with myself about it.  But gentleness doesn't mean that there isn't a desire for new action, and I can feel a new routine emerging already.

I am delighted that this new site draws me to be more involved in it.  I look forward to finding my voice here, sharing tips and thoughts (because I do secretly crave a space to do that...).  

So, thank you for your patience...check back in, I hope that when you do there will be more here for you to read!

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Fresh Perspectives

Uncategorized Jan 31, 2015

January…the days at the beginning of the year hold such optimism, possibility and excitement about the year ahead.  Towards the end of January, the reality of our daily lives return – the weather is grey and cold, the trees are bare and we wonder how we so quickly were swept back into old routines.  Our progress feels lethargic in relation to our recent ambitions.

I find that taking small actions during these times to be extremely satisfying.  Here are a few nearly free ideas to create forward momentum and keep your spirits up on these winter days –

  • Treat your shoes to a little shoe polish – have you done this recently? It is really quite amazing – your tired shoes will instantly have new life. I had forgotten the magic of this little chore!

  • Wash your windows – really. It is probably the single best activity you can do if you have the winter blues. There is nothing like the winter sun streaming through clean...

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Mindful Giving

Even if you have planned, made lists, and started shopping for your loved ones already, there comes a moment during the whirlwind and heightened emotions of the holiday season when we find ourselves making impulsive, reactive, and unconscious spending choices. We are often swept up in the mood, and hectic pace of the season and can easily loose our bearings.

To help ground you and ensure that you are making mindful choices, run the following assessment when considering the purchase of a gift. If the questions cannot be answered on the spot, it is important to pause, put the item on hold, possibly leave the store, and give yourself the time – and space – to come to a decision that feels right. You haven’t said no yet, you are simply exploring a new process of mindful spending!

Assessing a mindful GIFT

GENEROUS - Is this gift Generous in spirit? Thoughtful giving is a true art. The amount spent does not reflect your generosity by itself.


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