What Do YOU Do When the Topic of MONEY Comes Up?

I am curious...when the topic of money comes up, do you 'space out', feel defensive, get distracted, suddenly need to take a nap, take 'flight' or some other interesting response?

Or maybe it isn't the 'everyday' topic of money... but it comes up when you think about asking for a raise, increasing your rates, finalizing your will. Doing taxes. Getting life insurance.

Each and every one of these 'topics' can be an alarm to our nervous system - triggering a fight response (defensiveness...). Or a flight response (actually "taking flight" or through distraction - suddenly needing to respond to your aunt's email about the family reunion happening....next year). And for some, it looks like a shut down response (yawning, wanting to lay down for a nap, 'spacing out'). AND they are all normal physiological, unconscious responses to something 'threatening'... normal, but not necessarily helpful.

The nervous system fascinates me - personally, and professionally.

Tanya and I created the Yoga + Prosperity Workshop to provide a space for people to step outside the pattern routine of their lives - for a single day, or several - and begin working with our bodies, our nervous systems, around the often charged topic of money - specifically being open to receive abundantly.

I have been immersing myself in books and podcasts about Polyvagal Theory. I am particularly fascinated by trauma in early childhood, and the brilliant adaptive responses we find to ensure our survival (as our nervous system perceives).

Money - in particular - is a symbol of safety, and security. We have internalized the symbolism, yet it is where many 'wires' get crossed. Where safety means food and love. Where we attached meaning, assigned causality, and attempted to understand our world as a child with incomplete information. It can also develop after experiencing a trauma around money at any age.

When we think about money our nervous system responds in a nanosecond (maybe faster?). Not because there is immediate danger, necessarily, but because we have developed an unconscious and patterned response. That conversation about the bills? Oh boy.... quickly down the rabbit hole you go - despite your desire / willingness to engage in it! Your physiology has taken over, hijacking you to some degree. (...95% of our life is run by the subconscious, so it's pretty good at the hijacking role)

I recently said to a client, 'When it doesn't make logical sense, it absolutely makes physiological sense'. When we understand this, we create just a little bit of space - we allow ourselves to get curious. To be non-shaming (with ourselves, with our partners). To begin understanding why this particular topic around money makes us so uncomfortable. In that space we are more able to identify the steps we can take to do things differently, even 'safely'. This is the only time we are able to consciously integrate a new, more supportive, patterned response.

Perhaps this is resonating with you: that as much as you desire to move into the next level financially - past that earning plateau, past the frustration of things staying the same - you feel there may be unconscious blocks in the way.

This workshop is designed to meet you wherever YOU are - helping you clarify the beliefs and thought patterns that may be operating below the surface, out of your conscious awareness. Your body - and nervous system - will be encouraged to open to a new experience, laying out a more constructive pathway, an alternate route to that old way. You will leave with clear next steps - because actions are ALWAYS a part of my work!

Allowing more into your life requires moving past the pattern that may have been blocking it - a pattern that has been doing it's 'job' for most of your life, and it is time for it to retire.

(for details, dates, and registration information for the next workshops, please follow this LINK)

Photo by Zac Ong


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