Powerball, A Follow Up -

Uncategorized Jan 18, 2016

Last Tuesday evening I received a call from our local TV station wanting to interview me for their 11pm news - they were doing a piece on the historic Powerball and wanted to balance the hype with the reality.  10 minutes after I hung up the phone, they arrived at my doorstep with a camera and mic.

I was happy to provide my perspective, knowing that sometimes winning can bring unforeseen challenges.  My husband and I stayed up to see it.  The few short clips, and the resulting brief web based transcript, portrayed a very negative reaction to the idea of winning the lottery.  For the record, I did not say that winning the lottery would be detrimental to your health!  I actually believe it is an incredible opportunity, if it is received with conscious awareness.  

Ah, local TV... TV in general.  I appreciate their desire to tell the story as they need to tell it.  They took elements that would support their story, but left out the other aspects that would have given the complete conversation a different tone.  

Here is the other part of the conversation that was edited out of the 15 second clip...

Winning the lottery is an incredible life changing event.  Everything changes, and nothing changes.  What was hard yesterday may be harder today.  What was wonderful yesterday may indeed be more wonderful today.  Latent fears, anxieties and insecurities can expand with this infusion of wealth.  So can joy, love, happiness, and freedom.  

The secret to receiving this incredible amount of money is to find support in navigating the transition from what you have known to the vision of what you want to create.  It is an incredible opportunity, as well as a responsibility.  Some can get overwhelmed, confused, and feel burdened.  That is natural, yet it is a stage, not the end of the road.  The hard truth is that none of us knows how we will react...

Slowly integrating this shift is the best path to a life that is emotionally and financially successful.  

We, as humans, often have a great challenge adjusting to radical and dramatic change.  In the case of an infusion of wealth, we can unconsciously spend our way back to what is familiar - what is comfortable - what is known - what is safe.  This is why many "blow through" their lottery winnings, high earnings, or inheritances very quickly.  It is simply too uncomfortable, and our unconscious actions lead us right back to "safety".  

My work is about exploring how we, on a very deep and personal level, relate to wealth and what it means - for us.  Lottery winner or not, there is so much to explore in this relationship.  I invite you to explore this relationship on your own, or with someone you trust.  You have nothing to lose in preparing yourself to receive more - perhaps a lot more - wealth over your life.  How would you receive more?

Thank you for reading the other half of the conversation - and thank you local news for giving this topic your attention (and including me in on the conversation)!




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