How to Be in Congruence with Prosperity

Have you ever found yourself in a room filled with people who seem to have more money than you? You learn that the person you are talking to just moved into a new house (or insert any desired thing), while you feel stuck paying off your credit cards - though the balances are where they were last year. You feel a tidal wave of shame take over, followed by some pretty harsh self talk. 

What about the friend - or public figure - who talks about how making money is so fun and easy! You find yourself collapsing inside, wondering why it is so incredibly hard for you to just make ends meet! You have been stuck in the same place for years, and your envy of them is growing into an unflattering form of resentment.

Or the conversations where you feel superior - even if you may not want to admit it - because you are a better person than 'those people' who are making, or spending, a 'ridiculous' amount of money. You, at least, are on moral high ground (even if not financial high ground).

I have been in many versions of these conversations - on one side or the other. I have heard these conversations recited from hundreds of my clients. I see them play out in movies. We are all wrestling with our own internal conflicts about money. They are normal, but that doesn't make them desirable.

Because there is no peace with any of these states. 

We forget that true prosperity requires a congruent state - just like fear and love can't co-exist, prosperity can't exist when the following states are dominant:

When shame overtakes you - when you feel unworthy, incapable, not-enough, undeserving - there is nowhere for prosperity to co-exist.

When envy colors your perception, even subtly, a part of you has already given up - determining that you are powerless to experience this kind of ease and prosperity for yourself. won't experience prosperity.

When you judge others for their prosperity, the hard truth is that you are judging a part of you that you don't want to see. Until there is acceptance of those same parts that you judge within yourself, prosperity won't rest in you.

If any of this resonates with you, I would encourage you to simply bring awareness to your interactions and reactions...

To when you feel agitated, shamed, envious, judge-y. See what is underneath them. See what they are telling you - about yourself. We all have these responses - and I believe they help us to grow, if we allow them to.

Then see if you can explore the other side: Being worthy, deserving, capable, enoughBeing powerful in your ability to create your realityBeing like all other humans who walk the earth - filled with choices that have us act in strange ways. How do you really feel about all of your choices? 

I'm not saying that the ball is exclusively in our court - there are very real external factors making the path exponentially harder, particularly for some. But there are pieces of this game that we can claim ownership - even mastery - of.

It doesn't always require a financial investment - it is often a shift in perception that is the most significant. But sometimes a more deliberate decision to have support is necessary!

If you resonate with my work and you know you're ready for support - reach out to me at [email protected] or check out my offerings here. Would love to hear from you!


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