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Uncategorized Jan 31, 2015

January…the days at the beginning of the year hold such optimism, possibility and excitement about the year ahead.  Towards the end of January, the reality of our daily lives return – the weather is grey and cold, the trees are bare and we wonder how we so quickly were swept back into old routines.  Our progress feels lethargic in relation to our recent ambitions.

I find that taking small actions during these times to be extremely satisfying.  Here are a few nearly free ideas to create forward momentum and keep your spirits up on these winter days –

  • Treat your shoes to a little shoe polish – have you done this recently? It is really quite amazing – your tired shoes will instantly have new life. I had forgotten the magic of this little chore!

  • Wash your windows – really. It is probably the single best activity you can do if you have the winter blues. There is nothing like the winter sun streaming through clean windows. No need to wait until the Spring, enjoy it now when you need it most! If you were to only do one window, pick the one that you stand near most.

  • Reorganize one single drawer or cupboard. Take everything out and put only what you absolutely love and need back. It can be as simple as your silverware drawer but should definitely be one that you use daily. Each time you open it during the day you will smile.

In time the days will pass and you will make strides in the direction of your new goals.  But for today, in the middle of winter, allow the smaller shifts in perspective to fuel positive momentum.


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