An Inevitable Ripple Effect

How do we move towards more ‘wealth’, and fulfillment? Both individually, and collectively?

There are many practical, logistical, strategic, action-oriented steps that we need to take in our own financial lives: getting paid, saving/investing, paying the bills, paying down debt, creating spending plans...

Each of these is important. 

The recipe for building wealth is, quite honestly, pretty simple: earn more, save/invest more, spend less spend consciously (more on that distinction another day…). 

This is the simplest recipe I know for attaining - and maintaining - financial wealth. 

Simple - but by no means easy. Each one of the three has its own layers… its own complexity… its own hurdles to cross: both visible and invisible; personal and institutional

The statistics are bleak when you examine race, gender, class, and ability. We don’t arrive at the ‘wealth building’ starting line on equal footing, period. We need new policies - yesterday. The change that is required feels like it is out of our immediate control.

Individually we have control over three things. Our perceptions. Our decisions. Our actions.

I believe that one powerful way to flip the narrative – and more importantly, our current reality - is to begin exploring different perceptions – seeing things honestly, differently, and inviting in new beliefs.

Because in-spite of circumstance, we are powerful beings – and are even more powerful together. 

What would it look like if we began individually shifting – and influencing - a collective movement in a more prosperous direction?

An old narrative leaves us in varying states of emotional pain – in the form of shameanxietyfear, low self-worth, and powerlessness.

Because how can we earn more if we believe  ‘it is impossible for someone like ME to earn more’….?

It isn’t the only factor, but wow… things are so much easier when we integrate a more supportive belief system!

So let me guide you through a quick exercise… I am going to pick SAVING, since it is the one we all know we ‘should’ do more of (the stats say that we aren't saving enough, despite the knowledge that we need to...)

  • Do you save as much as you want to save/invest?

  • What do you feel after considering your answer? Can you name the emotion?

  • How does your body respond to that question? Notice your breath and your body, are they contracted, or expanded?

  • If you want to save more, WHAT would need to change for you to do so?

  • Do you believe those changes are possible?

  • Pretend for a moment that they are possibleHow would your life be different?

  • And finally, what could change if collectively we shared and supported each other with this new belief?

I could begin listing new beliefs for you… 

[that it is possible to save - no matter your financial circumstance... that you deserve for things to be easier... that you are worthy of earning enough to make saving effortless...]

But there is actually nothing that I can say to radically change your internal story. Because...

I believe this is the hard and beautiful journey that we are required to travel ourselves…

...the inquiry into your own narrative, the willingness to release what no longer serves, the eagerness to integrate a new story deep in your body,propelling you to operate from an entirely new personal paradigm. Taking actions and making strides you previously thought impossible...

To give you my words would be to rob you of the journey that only you can take… but one that doesn’t need to be traveled alone.

In our Yoga + Prosperity workshops we lead you through specific inquiry, guided movement, visualization, and healing - to shake up the limiting narrative that is ready to be released, so that you can move closer to the prosperity you desire.

To define for ourselves – in our own language - a new story that can operate beneath the surface of all the powerful – and yes, practical! - actions we must take to move us closer to the life we are ready to live.

This is what the workshop is all about – to support you in your own, very personal adoption of a powerful new narrative. 

I sincerely believe that the work we do individually - and in community - has a significant impact on the collective. It isn't the whole of it - not by a long shot. But there is always a ripple our families, for our children, and within our relationships... when we operate from a different belief.


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