A Collective Economic Shift of Consciousness

We are all experiencing the aftershock and impact of the rapid news these past days. 

In the wake of decisions both large and small, financial vulnerabilities are clear - if not our own, then certainly for our friends. Our loved ones. Our neighbors. Our clients and customers.

And yet…

How we RESPOND - rather than react - will have a profound impact on our own financial wellbeing, and ultimately, the wellbeing of an evolving economy. 

Yes. I believe this is a profound moment. One that has the potential to transform our consciousness - towards something more powerful if we have the courage to invite it in with curiosity.

I too know the fear, anxiety, and uncertainty. It is overwhelming - particularly with the dual fear of financial health and physical health. It is destabilizing, making it harder to find solid ground.

I am an optimist. I am also a realist. It is critical that we all downshift into a ‘lean’ spending plan. Identifying the essentials, identifying our resources, and clarifying all nimble responses our businesses and work places can provide. These are prudent, practical, proactive steps that are called for. 

And YET, I want to caution against an overcorrection in the form of fear-based contraction. Because there is still room for a ‘BOTH / AND’ approach.

While it may be too early for most of us to step into the space of VISION, life as we have known it is going through a collective PAUSE. 

We are used to an economy of busy - distraction - disassociation - and constant consumption. We haven’t known another way. But right now - right now we are being given a collective moment to step back from this landscape. And take stock.


How can we use this opportunity to participate, and use our money, differently?


I believe we are moving from an information / experience economy into a relational economy (arguably it has always been this, we just haven’t seen it so clearly). 

We are being shown in the most visceral and immediate way how interconnected and intertwined we are to each other. None of us operates as an individual (really). That is an illusion. Now that we see it, we can never unsee it.

Our most valuable assets will be our relationships - to those we know, and those we don’t know: across town or across the world.

We have an opportunity - with every dollar we spend - to invest intentionally and consciously in the impact it will have towards our collective wellbeing.

What will a collective, humane and relational economy look like? 

When our fear settles, our imaginations will be ready to explore this dynamic question…

Until then, here are some ideas I have about what it can look like in practice…


  • …after we ensure our own essential needs are met, what is available to share?
  • …which support services need money for our most vulnerable communities? [your local food bank…]
  • …which service providers do I have a responsibility to continue supporting because they give tremendous value to my life? Even if you cancel, consider sending them 1/2 their rate 
  • …when you order food to go from your favorite spots, be an extra generous tipper
  • …if your business relies on employees or subcontractors, plan on how you will support them if the work dries up
  • …if you have tickets to an event - a performance, a fundraiser - waive all or part of the refund to ensure the entity survives
  • …whatever goods you need to purchase, shop at the small businesses that rely on you more than you know - they will probably ship or deliver if they have had to close their doors. 
  • …normalize giving… we follow many people on instagram and facebook. Some of them provide unbelievable content for free: Artists, musicians, therapists, thinkers… take the initiative to gift them in monetary form. It is an act of reciprocity for what we have already received
  • …remember: those who are self-employed, freelance, or part of the gig economy don’t get sick days or unemployment pay. It is a particularly challenging time for this sector.
  • …when in doubt, ask how you may provide support to those who may be vulnerable - it could be financial, it could also be an act that helps them find stability.


This list is not exhaustive - and I welcome your additions! My hope is that it inspires action  to both meet the urgent needs that exist and provide a path towards a different economy. 

We are experiencing a shift in consciousness as a collective - requiring us to transcend the fear and and participate differently with our money.

It is time for the deepest breaths and reminding ourselves how astounding it is to be in this… TOGETHER.



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