A bit about me...

Do all the varied, or contradictory, parts of yourself find their natural expression in your work? 

I had no idea that I could actually ‘fall in love’ with my work. I thought that that dream was for other people, and I would just have to be grateful for whatever job I got. Engaging one side of me, suppressing the other side.

You see, my background crosses the full spectrum; I have 'contrary' aptitudes: an analytical, logical, linear (the accounting) side as well as an emotional and intuitive (the coach /counselor) side. 

For a long time I couldn’t reconcile my skill / interest in finance with my deep love of supporting women emotionally.

 - I have kept the financial accounts of many small businesses squeaky clean... I have also supported many laboring women as a childbirth Doula -


My BA, Comparative History of Ideas, didn’t pave a clear career trajectory – but it gave me a deep fascination with the human experience, and how our belief structures shape our reality. Turns out, I use the framework of this inquiry everyday.

So here I am – having found a way for my skills to weave themselves together as a certified Financial Recovery Counselorâ„ . 

I am passionate about supporting my clients by offering an integrated healing approach to finances: we set up systems, structures, and all the practical tools while addressing the emotional layers that are either helping or hindering their financial wellbeing. It is an honor, and a privilege, to support people in this way!


But work is just part of my story. On the weekend my hands are deep into whatever project has captured my full attention: in the garden, on my knitting needles, in my sewing room, in the kitchen prepping a meal to share with friends, or (most likely) some project on our 1908 ‘urban farmhouse’. 

As much as my husband and I tend to spend our days within a small radius of our Portland home, we love going to the coast, camping all over the beautiful Pacific Northwest, riding bikes (beautiful bikes hand crafted by my multi talented husband) and traveling as a family of four, as long as our (nearly) adult girls willingly join us! To me, our life is an example of wealth, realized.

… we also have a kitty named Frances, and 5 backyard chickens. That’s about the whole of it! If you want to see the world through my eyes, I share snippets of it all on Instagram.


I am eager to get to know you too... however, and whenever, our paths cross!


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