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Personal Finance Mentoring - Integrating the practical and emotional elements of your money.

TW Membership Community

TW Membership Community


Ready to Join? I am delighted to have YOU in our community attaining financial wellbeing!

To quickly re-cap, your membership includes the following:

  1. Access to Equipped to Thrive Online Course

  2. Access to the Community Forum

  3. Monthly Hour long call with Me – live coaching for those who attend, Q&A, discussion, etc… (currently calls will be Thursdays, 1-2pm PST, dates will be emailed when you register).

  4. As a part of the “TW Community” you will receive a 10% discount on any retreats, workshops, or new courses I put out.

  5. I am also planning some quarterly ‘workshops’ – maybe a virtual session where I am available for questions while you are working on a bigger project (think: Annual Plans, Quarterly Review, Taxes, Planning a Vacation, Getting organized for a home loan… Sometimes it helps to work on something knowing there is support right there if you need it – emotional or practical. I am also very open to any of your ideas… this is going to be a co-creation I imagine!

*** The course does not go into detail about 'how to use' a specific software program, but I have created an series of video tutorials for YNAB, and there is now a series of tutorials for MoneyminderOnline. I will provide access to either with your membership, just remind me to do so!

This is what is required to become a member...

  1. You must commit to 6 months of being in this group as I want a community that is not turning over constantly. Your membership will automatically renew each month until you cancel, but I want you to commit to at least 6 months.

  2. You decide the financial commitment: $27/m, $47/m, or $67/m. There are two criteria that you must consider before deciding which one is best for you.

    • You MUST be saving – each month more than the amount you pay to participate. So if that isn’t happening, that is the first thing that must happen before you join.

    • The amount you commit to should reflect how much YOU value this work for YOURSELF… to say that in another way, I want the amount to reflect your commitment to actually show up and get something out of this. If it is too low (for you), it could be easy to blow off. When we make an investment that reflects how much we value something, we will show up to do the work at that same level.

I trust you implicitly to make this decision 100% for you. I don’t want you to think of me when making it. I will welcome you into the community at any level you choose!


After signing up, you I will give you the code for the courseaccess to the membership community, and information about our first calls:

AND – if you try it for one month and feel you made a mistake, I will happily end your membership going forward.

Let me know if you still have questions!