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Personal Finance Mentoring - Integrating the practical and emotional elements of your money.



What clients are saying

Due to the personal nature of this work I have not included photographs of those who have spoken honestly about their work with me - they are however, real people!  


"I've already told my best girlfriend that working with you, Megan, has literally, not figuratively, changed my life. I hardly have the words to describe what a difference you have made to me. I feel optimistic and confident now about my future. Before we worked together I felt desperate and hopeless, and had felt that way for two decades. Before we worked together I was chronically afraid of money and anything to do with it, chronically penniless, I felt that money was a big, messy, magic mess that I had no idea how to understand or master. I felt that managing money was somehow a magic trick that other people knew but I didn't. I am no longer terrified of money. I earn more than I spend now. I know what I need to earn each month and I approach that in a calm and orderly way. I feel proud of myself about money rather than ashamed. I cannot thank you enough for all you brought to our relationship and all you gave to me to help me in this transformative journey. " Alexandra A.


"It's not like meeting with a "finance" person. It's so much warmer - there's a feeling of partnership and friendship as opposed to someone telling you what you're doing wrong or right. I have a hard time trusting people and I very quickly felt safe in the process. It's about much more than about being better with money - I feel stronger as a whole person after the work." E.R.


“I came to Megan at Tended Wealth because I wanted to face the fear I had about taking an honest look at my financial situation and I hoped to find a way to plan for a more sustainable future….after working with her, I have not only been able to do that but to change my life in ways I never imagined.  I now see how the way I spend is directly related to my core values, my relationships, and my life’s aspirations.  This work is powerful, and Megan makes it feel so easy and achievable.  Her brilliance, sense of ease and humor, and kindness are a rare combination that make for navigating the tricky world of budgets, bookkeeping, and saving interesting and fun.  I don’t know of anyone who can not benefit from this work, especially with Megan.”    M. T.


“Megan has guided us to be more mindful about our money.  We have created a spending plan, eliminated debt and started saving again.  This process has taken the emotional roller coaster out of the equation.  We are fortunate to have found Megan and are looking forward to the next chapter in our work together.”   A. M.


“I have been working with Megan for over a year. I have found her guidance and support to be extremely helpful. She is strong and persistent but in a kind way that does not make me feel judged or pushed. I would recommend Megan DeBoer to my best friend! I trust her implicitly.”  Susan S.


“Megan has expertly guided my wife and me out of financial quicksand onto a solid foundation of accountability; we no longer rack up insurmountable credit card bills or live under a haze of financial uncertainty.  For the first time in our lives we are practicing sound money management and have gained a rich understanding of our unique financial picture. What a relief!   The debt we happily carry now is one of deep gratitude to Megan for her wise, gentle and highly competent counsel.”

J. Merwin


“Megan has been amazing to work with! She is absolutely non-judgemental about how I spend my money. Her goal is to help me become aware of my spending, and how much I actually spend on my life; therefore, I can properly plan for, and no longer live in denial about, how I actually spend. Never have I felt like I needed to hide my truth or have I ever felt guilty. She has helped me rename “vices” (yoga, massage, chiropractic) to “self-growth and personal fulfillment”, wow! What I have once felt guilty about has become valued. It has been such a personal process of growth on so many levels.

She knows when to discuss emotions involved in money management…for example, why do I not tell my husband the whole truth about what I spend? Why do I feel guilty for spending X amount on toys for my son? Why do I think I want to buy a house again, what do those thoughts fulfill? I always feel like she erases doubts and helps me to move on from issues I didn’t know burdened me.

She has helped me reach my financial savings goals and helped me get out of the viscous cycle of overdraft protection and credit card use. I had the goal to save $5000 this summer and I have actually saved $8000! I have created a little safety net savings account and am prepared for my upcoming expenses like tires, holidays and… major bonus…I have saved for a vacation! Monumental!

Megan helps to keep me on track and aware, I will continue with her as my money coach probably for the rest of my life.”

Cobi S.


"Megan's light-hearted, poised, peaceful and playful approach to getting clear on our finances and being pro-active about living a life of abundance has changed our lives!  We have gone from the vague overwhelm of under-earning and scrambling to make ends meet into clarity and consciousness around our financial well-being with a plan of action that feels doable and more abundant than our reactionary spending could ever feel.  Her patient, thoughtful and incredibly informed approach has shed a whole new light on our prosperity.  Thank You Megan!" Michelle S.


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