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Personal Finance Mentoring - Integrating the practical and emotional elements of your money.



Do you feel like a "kid" with your money?  

Are you eager to finally feel like an "Adult" with your finances?


The truth is, 'more money' won't get you there.  It also isn't JUST reading a book on investments or listening to (but rarely acting on) the plethora of financial "advice" out there.

What it is about may seem counter-intuitive.  Because it involves shutting out that noise, the comparison to others, to where you 'should' be - no matter how young or old you are.  It is about creating a new relationship with money.  

I believe we have many aspects to ourselves - a part that is rebellious, another that is spontaneous, one that is fearful, or generous, and a part that is rigid - there is also one that is wise.  You may have one part dominating your relationship with money, casting a shadow on your assumed "identity" with money.  Sometimes you have two aspects in direct conflict with one another - it gets tricky.

It is time to nurture the wise part of you - it is time to allow her to rise up and lead you to being financially empowered in your relationship to money.

That wise part, she is ready to grow - she just has a few things holding her back from making the changes she wants to make. Truth be told, she was probably never taught much, and worse, she has likely experienced some shame in how things have gone down in the past.  This is why making changes feels so overwhelming, and why they never really take hold. 

You may not believe that in you lives a "wise financial guide", but I have worked with hundreds of individuals who have improved their financial lives by inviting the wise part of them to transform their financial reality ...


So I know she is the perfect one to lead you to a new financial life.  I believe she has been waiting for you to acknowledge her potential for quite a while, but there were other parts of you who were claiming the space with their loud actions.  It is time to allow her to be heard.

See if any of these statements resonate with you...

  • You are ready to recreate your identity around money with new awareness and determined action!
  • You are ready to embrace your financially savvy self!
  • You are ready for tangible change!  You are tired of feeling shame, overwhelm, or ending another month being stuck in the exact same place with your money - a place that does not allow you to thrive in the way you know you could!


What if I told you that you that the most critical financial decision you will make is to develop a new way of relating with your money?  

I believe this wholeheartedly.  And I want today to be the beginning of a whole new financial future for you.  I invite you to join me - and a small group of women who are eager to walk on a different financial path.  

I am thrilled to introduce my Equipped to Thrive Course -

In this course you will develop yourself to become centered and poised so that every action you take is a leap forward to your empowered financial future.

We are going to illuminate and cultivate the part of you that is ready to be your inner money guide.  You will begin listening to her, helping her navigate her way through the inner challenges and towards alignment with YOUR financial goals.  

In this course, we will uncover and become aware of where (and even why) you may have been mis-aligned with earning, saving, spending, borrowing, or sharing money.  When you sign up, we will explore and navigate what a financially aligned path looks like for you, and make sure that when you slip, that you know how to find your way back to your path quickly and effectively.

  •  You will define your vision
  •  You will begin saving, or radically increasing saving
  •  You will determine a debt repayment schedule that allows you to breathe and see the light at the end of the tunnel
  •  You will position yourself to avoid incurring new debt
  •  You will experience the satisfaction gained with spending that is aligned with your financial and personal goals
  •  You will have a game plan for increasing your earning potential

You will not be alone.  This course is designed with real, human support.  Together we are creating a wide net to catch you as you learn, to support you while you grow.  We were never designed to Traverse challenges - and growth - in isolation!

This will be an inward journey as well as an outward journey. There will be internal work as well as clear action steps that will move you closer to your goals. You will have the group at your side, with an opportunity to partner and deepen your support for one another if you wish.  

Reaching out for support in this area is a tremendous step - it demonstrates awareness that you are not where you would like to be, and deep within, you know it can be so much better!  

You may be someone who needs insight, information and a helping hand to guide you down a new path.  

Even if it is barely a whisper, see if you can listen... what does your wise money guide need?  What will help her rise up and take the lead?  

This course is not for everyone, and I want to be sure that the right people sign up, so if you are on the edge of your seat eager to finally feel mature about money then you will want to sign up!  

If you aren't quite sure, keep reading...

This course is not the right fit for you if....

  • You are in a financial crisis
  • You want a quick fix to your money troubles
  • You want investment advice
  • You think inner exploration or deeper emotional work is a waste of time, and totally weird anyway...
  • You are completely consumed by other obligations and unwilling to dedicate the time required to create lasting change

What can you expect to gain by the end of this course? 

  • You will have clarity on the clear actions that are next for
    • Earning
    • Saving & Investing
    • Aligned Spending and Giving
    • Conscious & Secured Borrowing
  • You will know when your path is blocked and exactly how to transcend that block for forward momentum.
  • You will be poised and positioned for increasing your earning potential.
  • You will begin to create a new financial identity, one that will allow you to earn more and save more.

And the details?

  • 6 90 minute classes - dates TBD.
  • Between live classes there will be exercises and actions steps to keep you moving towards your goals
  • We will have a secret FB group for support, fun incentives to ensure momentum and accountability, and lively conversation!
  • If you have to miss a class (it happens!) you will get a recording.  This is also great if you want to go back and listen again.

You may be very intrigued, but still have concerns...


You may think this is a big investment (especially if money doesn't feel so flush!).  But let me ask you this... how much does it cost to have over drafts, late payments, interest charges?  What about another year without making headway on your savings - or debt repayment - goals?  I am offering a good faith guarantee: if you attend the first 2 classes, do the assignments, and feel as though you are not receiving the value you expected, I will gladly refund your investment.  It may feel strange to think of investing so much in yourself - if this is the first time you are exploring this, let me assure you this alone can be a turning point - believing in, and committing, to a different future self is monumental!

You may feel really busy and wonder if you have enough time.  I would again say, what would it be like to invest in, and prioritize, your growth?  It is so easy to feel too busy.  And yet years go by, your situation doesn't change.  We make time for what is important.  If this feels important to you, there will be time because you will make the time. If it isn't a priority right now, honor that too! I am eager for only those who are ready and willing to join this course.

You may also feel a bit unsure about doing this work in a group setting - just being in the course might make you feel vulnerable to shame, something that has been a hidden secret, something you rarely share is now public - eeek!  I am creating a sacred space - a community that shares this exact concern.  We will be stronger with you being a part of the community - bringing your vulnerability to be held in a compassionate, supportive and comfortable place.  We were never designed to grow alone, in isolation.  Sharing this journey with others can be an incredibly healing aspect of the journey.  

Alright, you say... all might be good for someone else, but will it work for me?  I will be honest.  This course will be as transformative and powerful as you make it - I ask that you take responsibility for your own outcome.  But my commitment is to do everything in my power, and with my expertise, to support and guide you on your journey!  

You may be concerned about your follow-through.  If this is coming up, I would encourage you to consider giving yourself the gift of additional support. I am offering additional mentoring to a few individuals. You and I would get to meet 4 times during the course to allow this work to unfold in a more personal and intimate way, for a lower investment than it typically is. Please see below about this option.

Will all my financial problems magically go away if I take this course?  Again, I will be honest - it is possible!  But more likely, this work will be the beginning of your journey, not the end.  I find that this work evolves over a lifetime. I am not a fan of large magical promises.  I believe in deep, lasting, integrated change.  

If you want further questions answered, feel free to email me.

And with that, I invite you to imagine a few months from now, having clarity and a new outlook on your financial life.  Being "Equipped to Thrive" financially.... what would that be worth?  I would be delighted for you to join us!

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