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Personal Finance Mentoring - Integrating the practical and emotional elements of your money.




Does the burden of managing your family's finances fall on your shoulders?  Even though you are in a relationship, does it make you feel alone?  Do you wonder if you are handling it the best that you could? Is there pressure - internal or external - knowing that you are responsible?   

Very often I see my clients struggle to carry the emotional burden of the financial responsibility.  Because you are more involved than your partner, you become the one who says "yes" or "no" to the requests and desires of the other.  Yet you don't really feel confident about your response, and you blame yourself when things don't work out. 

Part of you may feel more secure in this role, and part of you may resent it.  

This role is often assumed by necessity or default, it is not often a chosen task and can often be the source of tension within a relationship.  For instance, you may be fearful of the difficult conversations that need to happen - that you request but are never made a priority.  You may be terrified of how you will navigate any assumed lifestyle changes, or feel frustrated that your goals keep feeling far from reach.  

What would it be like to not be alone in this?  What would you like your role to be?  What if you didn't have to hold it all up yourself and felt confident about how you manage it?  Sharing this role, even temporarily, can be a tremendous relief.  


If this sounds like the support you are craving, I invite you to explore how my support could benefit you.  Please fill out the brief form by following the link below so that we can begin our conversation.  I look forward to supporting you!