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Simple + Sweet Gift Giving

Megan deBoer

Simple + Sweet Gift Giving

Tis the season of giving gifts, no matter your tradition.  I am not sure if it is just my own evolution, or if there is a collective shift towards simplifying this aspect of the holiday season. I do know that it is refreshing.

Spending money on gifts made me extremely anxious years ago, in part because we didn't have much to spend, but more importantly because there was no plan and it felt out of control - for years now we have approached things from a completely different perspective.  I am relaxed, intentional, and enjoy giving gifts like this little boy in this ad from the UK.

You see, a little goes a really long way.  It is the spirit of the gift, more than the amount spent.

I love giving gifts that are some combination of utility + luxury. The everyday essentials kicked up a few notches - a daily reminder to enjoy the little things just a bit more, to find beauty in daily living.  This is an experience of wealth that can come well before you have millions in the bank.

Here are two excellent gift guides.  One for small children.  One for adults.  The focus is on simplicity, as well as affordability.  

If you are interested in more thoughts, here are some other posts I have written for this time of year:

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Mindful Giving - How to give a gift that hits the mark (for you + them)

Giving is a delight - may you find sweet and simple gifts that are as fun to give as they are to receive!

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