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Personal Finance Mentoring - Integrating the practical and emotional elements of your money.



Megan deBoer

If you scroll down this page you will likely take note of the LACK of posting here!  Part of me squirms and cringes when I see how very neglected this aspect has been (January was my last post... oh my!).  Another part of me has to acknowledge that it just hasn't been a focus - despite my desire for it to be.  I focus on my clients (and family) first, the 'business' aspect second, and the rest a distant third.  I would not be in integrity with my values if I wasn't gentle with myself about it.  But gentleness doesn't mean that there isn't a desire for new action, and I can feel a new routine emerging already.

I am delighted that this new site draws me to be more involved in it.  I look forward to finding my voice here, sharing tips and thoughts (because I do secretly crave a space to do that...).  

So, thank you for your patience...check back in, I hope that when you do there will be more here for you to read!


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