What would it be like to THRIVE financially?

... to save with ease, spend without guilt, and earn with grace?



You see... despite the lack of a 'money class' in our schools, we have access to more information than ever before. There are hundreds of approaches to solve every money issue that exists: from getting out of debt to maximizing investment returns. 

They all have value to contribute. But what most of them miss is the acknowledgment that there is another layer to the issue. It is rarely as simple and straightforward as 'spending less, or saving more.'

It is about acknowledging the patterns that show up in our money: Never having enough money...Feeling powerless with money...Resenting money...Obsessing about money...Hoarding money...Loosing money...


The patterns can stem from our own lived experience, our inherited belief system about money from our parents - our grandparents, and our culture of origin. There can be thick layers of patterning that contribute to an inability to change.


These all too familiar patterns often repeat themselves until they are understood and shifted to be more supportive - allowing you to thrive.

Having helped hundreds of clients I know that true change comes from weaving together our internal experience with our external reality. In other words, the synergy of the practical - and emotional - elements of money.

If the subject of money has always brought up waves of shame, powerlessness, or overwhelm for you -  what I want you to know is this:


There is nothing 'wrong' with you - you are not hopeless or destined to a life of financial anxiety.

And more importantly, I want you to know that with support, the shame can dissipate as you build a new financial foundation - one that is more peaceful and productive.


It is why I created the course, Equipped to Thrive 

The most critical financial decision you can make is to develop a new way of relating to your money...


We give money a lot of power, so when it isn't going well, it tends to cast a black shadow over the other parts of our lives: the physical, emotional, spiritual, and expressive parts of ourselves.


It is my mission to help you clear this shadow so that you can THRIVE - feel wealthy and prosperous - in all aspects of your life...


So how do we shed the negative personal and cultural layers that are getting in the way of this fluid, thriving energy?  


I believe we must learn a new way through a new language.


This course examines money through metaphors rooted in nature - as well as our imagination - so that we can heal what we have known and create a relationship with money that will allow growth, possibility and the very definition of thriving...

It is time to use this language directly and explore money from a perspective that is more accessible, more neutral, and more inviting than it is usually delivered.

Part of what has made money feel so inaccessible is that it feels dry, boring, abstract, foreign, linear, and many other 'negative' connotations - particularly for women.    


I invite you to transform your own relationship with money - this course provides a path forward.



How is the course delivered? What is included?

After you enroll you will have immediate access to the first lessons. The remaining lessons will be released weekly thereafter. This gives you time to complete, integrate, and take action on the material. 

However, the course is self-paced, meaning it can be completed in the time that works best for you.

The beauty of this is that you can re-watch a video as many times as you wish, or re-visit the lessons a few years from now when you want to dive more deeply into the topic.


This comprehensive course covers each integrated aspect of financial wellness: Saving, Spending, Debt, Earning, and Wealth.


Each of the 12 lessons include the following...

  • 2-4 in-depth video tutorials on each overarching topic. Each video is transcribed for those who learn best by reading in addition to listening.
  • Guided Visualizations to clarify - from your inner wisdom - what you are ready to create.
  • Reflective worksheets to explore your relationship to money in each primary area - opening a shift towards a more supportive, peaceful and productive relationship.
  • Action-oriented exercises to clarify your tangible next step - motivating you to create your new reality in each area of your financial life. This will range from automating your savings contributions to preparing to ask for a raise.
  • Guided workshop-style exercises designed to illuminate where you are stuck, or where you cannot see the answer. These are integrated within the course and are the equivalent of powerful mini-coaching sessions.
  • 12 LIVE sessions - the ability / flexibility to join 1 E2T Cohort seasonal session (held in the Winter, Spring/Summer, and Fall,  dates/times available here) within 1 year of enrolling. These are extremely beneficial - holding you accountable to your goals, and providing the support of a community.
  • OPTION to upgrade to have 3 individual sessions with me. These are limited and depend on availability. See below for details and additional pricing.
Next LIVE Series begins May 2020!

Below is an overview of the specific topics that are covered: 

(more syllabus detail at base of page)

Lesson 1

Begin by understanding the integrated nature of wealth - how to support its growth and allow you to thrive. Articulate your vision of your thriving financial life. 

Lesson 2

Establish where you are now and engage in a key healing process to work through your past so it no longer clouds your future.

Lesson 3

Develop a structure & rhythm for tending to your money. Ensure that clarity and organization always lead the way.

Lesson 4

Examine your relationship with spending and integrate a practice of planning and directing where your money will go.

Lesson 5

Examine your needs & desires, and your relationship to meeting them. Determine ways to satisfy your needs & desires with confidence - rather than guilt or financial harm.

Lesson 6

Learn how to pro-actively adjust your plan when life doesn't go according to it. Explore ways to expand your life without sacrificing your financial wellbeing.

Lesson 7

Expand your saving capacity by understanding your relationship to savings. Clarify exactly what is needed in each of your savings tiers.

Lesson 8

Implement and activate your savings to ensure both stability and freedom.

Lesson 9

Determine a clear, achievable debt repayment plan that will both liberate you and prevent you from incurring debt in the future.

Lesson 10

Explore your relationship to earning and identify what your thriving life truly requires.

Lesson 11

Identify and transcend the blocks that may stand in the way of you increasing your income. Determine the specific next steps you are ready to take to meet your goals.

Lesson 12

Explore what True Wealth means to you - and how you want to lead your thriving financial life.

"The course materials are comprehensive but move along at an approachable pace. I'm now saving in a way—and with an intention—that I never have before, all while navigating a set of complex financial transitions in my life!"


What can I expect to achieve with this course?


If you are engaged in the work, complete the assignments, join a LIVE series, and seek support, you will likely experience the following:

  • Your savings contributions will have increased - significantly

  • You will identify the amount you need to have in each savings tier - and have a plan to reach your goal.
  • You will have a clear plan to get out of debt in 3 years or less, and more importantly, you will have a solid foundation to prevent incurring any new debt in the future!

  • You will be spending consciously - without harm, guilt, or anxiety. 

  • You will better understand underlying spending patterns.
  • You will have a clear spending plan (aka budget) that informs your daily decisions - one that is more proactive than reactive.

  • You will have clarity on what you need to be earning to THRIVE, and be clear on the next steps towards this becoming a reality

  • You will have a more peaceful relationship with money, healing old shame spots and shifting to more constructive beliefs around money

  • You will understand and begin experiencing what it feels like to thrive financially (even if millions haven't yet hit your account!)

  • You will experience confidence in approaching your financial life  - with a 'come what may' stance. You will know how to proceed: through the ups, and the downs that life serves up.

"When I decided this year was the year I "got right with money," I knew I needed to start from the ground up. Too often, I've tried budgeting systems or looked for quick fixes that I've quickly discarded when they didn't immediately feel successful. Megan's course has shifted my whole approach to my finances—from my mindset to my understanding of the cultural/historical context of women and money—and given me practical everyday tools like budgeting. Feeling like I have an ally on this journey has given me much more courage to dream bigger than I ever have."


This course is not for everyone -
It is important to me that this course is a good fit for you...


This course may NOT be a good fit for you if:

  • You are in a financial crisis. If you cannot afford rent or if you are behind on any of your bills this is NOT the time to enroll in this course - I want you to explore these lower fee resources first.

  • You are looking for a quick fix

  • You need investment advice

  • You aren't too fond of inner work or feel like emotional exploration is a waste of time

  • You are completely consumed by other obligations and unable to dedicate the time required to create lasting change.


This course may be a perfect fit for you if...

  • You are ready to recreate your relationship with money - feel emotionally at peace with it and allow it to be a partnership rather than an estranged, exhausted, or shame-filled relationship.

  • You are ready for, and committed to, TANGIBLE change: paying off debt - for good! increasing savings, perhaps going on a much needed vacation, and feeling confident about the ways you interact with all your financial decisions - now and over the course of your life.

  • You are incredibly excited about the possibility of this, even if you are also a bit nervous!

  • You take action when you know what actions to take, and you reach out for help when you need it

  • You believe in slower, deeper, and more integrated change - you acknowledge that change is a process.

If you are on the edge of your seat eager to be in a different relationship with money, then you will want to enroll - simply click the button below...


"Thank you for the deeper level of honesty I was able to reach by taking part in this course. I cannot tell you how helpful having the container of the live group has been...It was instrumental for me in healing, as I got to hear parts of me in others and learn what I needed from listening to others... It has impacted every facet of my life, and I know I will continue to grow and deepen always"



*ability / flexibility to enroll in one 12 session COHORT within the year after enrollment - LIVE sessions are held for Spring/Summer, Fall, and Winter sessions. Specific times / dates available upon enrollment or request.



10 monthly Payments




10 monthly Payments




5 Monthly Payments


You may be very intrigued, but still have concerns...

This is the elephant in the room!  I get it!  If it were me, 15 years ago, I would have talked myself out of it from every. single. angle.  I would have found and read every book I could get my hands on (I did this, and it was excellent...up to a point).  This can indeed get you pretty far, and is a low cost/free option - the only problem is that it usually takes a lot longer - with a lot of trial and error

For me, the problem wasn't that I couldn't find the answersthe problem was that I literally COULDN'T SEE the PROBLEM!  We have a tricky little blindspot that keeps us from seeing the real issue - so when we DIY an issue like this, we often can't see what we can't see.  This is why I have designed this course, because more than a 'how to manage your money', I want to give you the tools to nudge your blindspots into the light - so you can see them, wrestle with them, and ultimately work WITH them. 

I have heard countless clients say this was one of the best investments they have ever made.  You have to feel as though this is a worthy investment for you. Making a large investment is not easy, and yet sometimes it stretches us to achieve more than we would have if we hadn't invested. 

Unfortunately, neither of us can guarantee that this is what you will say...it is a risk, so take a look below...

If you feel your heart calling you to sign up, but you are nervous - as in, "Will this really work?  What if it is actually not a fit or goes over everything I already know?"  I want to take all the risk away.  

I am offering a 30 day ZERO risk guarantee.  If after the first 30 days you are not satisfied, simply let me know that it wasn't a fit and I will refund your entire investment.  Truly, I want nothing more than for you to thrive financially... and if that is not with me, then that is just fine!  I believe that this course will help you - so I will take all the risk.

I recognize that as amazing as online learning is, it is often lacking the personal accountability that can ensure you reach your intended outcome.  Ultimately the outcome is based on your deep desire, your willingness, and your commitment to your goal.  

For my part of the equation, I have implemented a few key components to this course to do everything I possibly can to help you get to your own finish line...

  • The lessons are short meaning you can usually fit them into your busy day. If you have time for social media (FB, Instagram, Twitter), you have time for this course...

  • The assignments and exercises are manageable. I want you to build a positive momentum loop of action & completion, where you find yourself eager to complete each exercise!

  • I have a tool to get you Un-Stuck in the bonus section is a tool to help you get moving again when you find yourself avoiding the work. As long as you commit to going to this resource (or the community, or a call) if you are not finishing it, you will be moving forward again in no time.

  • You have access to our LIVE calls you can get direct support from me - and I will be holding those who attend accountable to their self-defined goals. It is really the best of both worlds: self-paced learning with access to one-on-one support.

You can expect to spend anywhere between 1-3 hours a week participating in this course and the exercises - but remember, it is self-paced and you are in the driver's seat of how much time you allocate towards the work.  

I also give you the flexibility to join one 12 session COHORT within 1 year of your enrollment.

But let me ask you, what it be like to invest in, and prioritize, your growth?  It is so easy to feel too busy.  And yet years go by, your situation doesn't change.  The hard truth is, we make time for what is important to us.  If this feels important to you, there will be time because you will make the time.  If it isn't a priority right now, honor that without judgment!  I am eager for individuals who are ready and willing to join this course - but I will honestly tell those who are lukewarm to wait until it is indeed a priority.

I will be honest - this work will be the beginning of your journey, not the end.  I find that this work evolves over a lifetime.  I am not a fan of large, magical promises.  I believe in deep, lasting, integrated change.  This course will be as transformative and powerful as you make it - I ask the you take responsibility for your own outcome.  My commitment is to do everything in my power, and with my expertise, to support and guide you on this journey.

You have access to all the course materials for as long as the internet is around! If I ever add or upgrade the content, you will have access to the improved version as well.

Your investment in this course is not a one-shot-deal. I encourage you to re-visit, re-work, and deepen your financial wisdom over the coming years.

Some people find they get all they need after doing the material once. Others have found continued insight and mastery when they repeat lessons and exercises over time.


The next COHORT dates are listed HERE. We hope you can join the next available round! 

I am so glad you asked! I want this course to be accessible to those who are eager for financial transformation, and I know that this is a significant investment. I offer a few spots each year to the people who will appreciate the opportunity the most. Please see 'scholarship' link below to apply!

Are you EAGER to take this course...
but have limited resources?

Apply for a scholarship opportunity in the form below. These are limited on an annual basis, if there are none available, you will be placed on a wait list for the next opening.

"Integrating the lessons with the LIVE calls was the perfect combination for me to gain a fresh perspective. A much needed shift that I hadn't been able to find before, even after a lot of effort. But my efforts were in the wrong direction. The course is challenging in deep ways...and yet it unfolds gently, compassionately, with humor and support from Megan and others who have also said 'YES' to healing their relationship with money."


I invite you to imagine...

what it will be like having clarity and a new outlook on your financial life, being "Equipped to Thrive" financially...what would that be worth?  

"This course was life changing for me! It was just what I needed--a combination of practical considerations married with a larger portion of dealing with the intense (and complicated) emotional blocks, shame and grief associated with money. I feel more courage to examine my spending, saving debt issues, etc. Now, when I avoid the issues I also return to them and feel much more confident--I now feel like I can face my current money challenges and embrace the future. "

David Dao

Expanded Course Syllabus

(If you would like additional information, please don't hesitate to contact us: support @ tendedwealth.com)

  • We begin with the visual of the individual, yet integrated, aspects of financial wellness.
  • You clarify YOUR vision - your goals, your intention - for this course, and your improved relationship with money.
  • Understand your unique 'money story' - what has influenced your specific relationship to money.
  • Transcend your Past - this lesson invites you to go slowly, gently, compassionately and patiently into the process of healing your past and current relationship to money.
  • Establish a supportive routine for taking care of your money - one that ensures repeated and integrated action taking daily, weekly, monthly, yearly.
  • Determine and implement a 'Tracking System' to ensure clarity and order
  • Tracking Software Overview + Tutorials provided
  • Customize Software so it reflects YOUR life, your values, and your dreams
  • Explore your Emotional Relationship to Spending
  • Plan Spending
  • Track Spending
  • Explore your Relationship to Meeting Needs + Desires
  • Clarify Your Personal Definition of Needs vs. Desires
  • Determine current Needs + Desires (and begin fulfilling them)
  • Learn the Art of Adjusting Your Spending Plan as life happens
  • Explore alternative ways to respond - emotionally and practically - to financial  constriction.
  • Explore your Emotional Relationship to Savings
  • Determine specific threshold goals for: Your Buffer & 'Emergency' Fund
  • Extensive Resources / Tools & Savings Tutorials 
  • Determine your threshold goal for your 'Safety Net'
  • Overview of Retirement Savings Options / Considerations
  • Determine additional Savings Goals (Home, Vacation, College)
  • Explore your Emotional Relationship to Debt
  • Exploring the origin, and nuances of your existing debt
  • Determine your sustainable Debt Reduction Plan, getting out of debt  - and STAYING out of debt - for good!
  • Tools + Tutorials Provided
  • Explore your Relationship to Earning
  • Determine how much money your life requires - the specific amount you need to thrive
  • Additional / resources and supportive tools
  • Earning Ceiling Meditation
  • Destructive / Constructive Belief Exercises
  • Expanding Earning Capacity - Additional resources / considerations
  • Exploring Your Relationship to Wealth
  • Defining TRUE WEALTH and integrating it into your life

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