1:1 Coaching

You may be wondering what this transformative work could offer you.

Having supported hundreds of clients, I know what is possible when you engage with this work...

  • You have clarity about what is required to support your life - and take action to increase your income. 
  • You are confident and at peace with all that you receive - no longer experiencing shame, guilt, or resentment with earning.
  • You feel clear and deliberate about your financial choices no longer in a financial haze of where your money went, or where it needs to go.
  • You feel more pride when you look at your money – it is no longer a reminder of how you have personally 'failed'.
  • You make conscious, thoughtful and clear decisions about how, where, and why you spend money – reactive / impulsive spending decreases, or simply dissolves
  • You confidently create intentional spending, saving, and debt repayment plans and know how and when to course correct as life changes – strict budgets no longer pull you into despair.
  • You grow and maintain a savings plan that supports you – for emergencies, to travel, to retire – no longer are they distant ‘if-only’ dreams.
  • You know when you will get out of debt – and stay out of debt - because you have a system in place to prevent it from creeping back.
  • Your relationships – now or future ones – are more intimate because there isn’t a giant boulder of money shame taking up space.
  • If you are a primary caretaker of the household’s finances, you no longer feel alone – the conversations and decisions are shared rather than experienced as a solitary burden.


I am READY to Take the Next Step

"I've already told my best girlfriend that working with you, Megan, has literally, not figuratively, changed my life. I hardly have the words to describe what a difference you have made to me. I feel optimistic and confident now about my future. Before we worked together I felt desperate and hopeless, and had felt that way for two decades. Before we worked together I was chronically afraid of money and anything to do with it, I felt that money was a big, messy, magic mess that I had no idea how to understand or master. I felt that managing money was somehow a magic trick that other people knew but I didn't. I am no longer terrified of money. I earn more than I spend now. I know what I need to earn each month and I approach that in a calm and orderly way. I feel proud of myself about money rather than ashamed. I cannot thank you enough for all you brought to our relationship and all you gave to me to help me in this transformative journey."

-Alexandra A., Author

Does reading the above have you eager and yearning for a shift… and also curious as to ‘why has it been so hard for me…. ??”   

Most importantly - nothing, not. one. single. thing. is wrong with you if you have had a complex relationship with money. I hope you can hear those words - even if you don't believe me - yet. I invite you to adopt both curiosity and compassion in exploring the underbelly of whatever situation you currently find yourself in.

Sometimes it can be helpful to begin this inquiry, so I will share a few of many, many factors* that can contribute to our experience of ‘financial struggle’...

  • You may have complex and contradictory (unconscious) beliefs around money – earning, spending, debt, and wealth – or YOU with wealth…
  • You may find it really hard to stay committed to your goals – particularly if you are single and no one is holding you accountable.
  • Your parents / teachers / community members may never have told you a thing about money, saving, or debt – so there is a giant void of knowledge – as well as the expectation that you are smart and ‘should know’ - only compounding the shame… 
  • You may lack organization or feel paralyzed, not knowing where to begin.
  • You may have a resistance to change - or a fear of what you anticipate seeing - that is shutting down your valiant attempts.
  • Or you may have a partner who sees things differently, who challenges what you want to do, or even checks out and leaves all the decisions up to you.
  • ....And as many other reasons as there are people in this world...!
*There are MANY factors that exist that are indeed beyond our personal control. Social. Economic. Historic. Gendered. Racial. Our individual financial struggle is interconnected with a million other factors. YET! - we are powerful beings – and we have a right and responsibility to guide our future. Understanding the context of our personal history is a part of this healing work. But it does not write our future, unless we allow it to...

Your financial goals will be yours – not mine. My role is to support you in realizing them. Reminding you that your money works as a tool to support you and your best life, not as an ever-oppressive force denying the very possibility of it.

A more financially integrated life is waiting for you – the question becomes, are you ready to take the action to receive it?

It would be an honor to support you in your own journey of discovery, increased financial agency, and the manifestation of tangible results…

I have added answers to excellent questions below... please take a look. If I haven't answered yours, I am happy to answer them. Just send me an email.

To begin working with me, follow the link below...

Frequently Asked Questions

I live in Portland, Oregon where I work with clients -both locally, nationally and internationally via the internet.  I work from an office building behind my home - it is separate and private - and is likely very different from other financial offices you have been to!

I work with my national + international clients virtually - In fact even some local clients find this the most convenient way to work with me.  We will use ZOOM, a screen-sharing tool that enables us to be ‘face to face’ while simultaneously viewing the practical aspects of our work - which include using tracking software. 

Internet access and a comfort with computers will be essential.

This is a process designed for lasting change – not a quick fix. The work unfolds in a sequence of specific steps but at a pace tailored to you.  I find that there is a natural arc of this work that spans over 6 months. This is the time required for habits to shift and new life patterns to integrate. This is the commitment I ask you to make.  

After meeting regularly, we may meet quarterly, yearly, or before and during critical life stages that require additional support – purchasing a home, the birth of a child, increase or decrease in income, adjusting to retirement, etc. In other words, on an as-needed basis.

We will use tracking software that is specifically designed to bring consciousness, organization, as well as a sensitivity to the emotional side of your money. I welcome hearing what has / hasn't worked for you in the past, and together find a solution that finally will.

We will discuss this in our initial appointment.  Typically business owners like to first focus on their personal finances and then apply a similar approach to their business when they feel ready.

While debt is a core topic in our work, our focus will be on debt prevention, sustainable debt repayment and debt management. It is important for you to understand that I am not a credit counselor or a debt consolidation service. Additionally, the complexity of student loans require more specialized attention. I have several resources that I recommend to my clients depending on their specific needs.  If you are in need of immediate and free assistance, Debtor's Anonymous is a wonderful resource.

If you feel ready, click the button below to fill out an introductory form to have a complimentary 30 minute session. This will be the best opportunity for both of us to assess whether this work - at this time - is indeed right for you. I would love to have the opportunity to support you - even if we don't end up working together!

Working with someone in the area of your money requires trust and connection. It is important to me that you take your time finding someone you feel comfortable with.

There are many people who provide financial support, so part of the equation is determining what your need is (see below) – but if you engage with someone who is not a good fit, you may leave feeling alone, overwhelmed, unsupported, and even shamed without knowing what next steps to take. All it means is that it wasn't a fit - not that there is something terribly wrong with you!

I encourage you to keep exploring if you don't find the 'right fit' at first. It takes a lot of energy to take the first step - but please keep taking the steps! until you find the right fit!

My hope is that you find the person who can support you in reaching your financial goals – wherever you are on your journey.

If you know you are ready to speak with me, please fill out a brief form by clicking on the link below so that we can begin the conversation.

A quick (and certainly not exhaustive) guide to financial professionals:

A Money Coach / Certified Financial Recovery Counselorâ„  (This is me) can help you understand all the ins & outs of personal finance. The day to day as well as the longer term. We specialize in supporting our clients to understand the emotional aspects of money while providing very practical, and tangible, support.

An Accountant can help you prepare and plan for your taxes.

A Fiduciary / Fee - Only Advisor can advise you on the investments that will help you reach your long term financial goals.

A Certified Financial Planner (CFP) can help you determine when you can retire, what you will need when you retire, and how to meet other financial goals. (most often an Advisor is also a CFP, or the planning process is a part of the service). 

For debt resources, see above "Can you help me consolidate my debt?"

Here is a list of my favorite books and free resources if you are ready to begin but know this is not the time to invest in this work. Most of these options can be found at your local library, or are free services. If you have a specific issue and want specific guidance email me and I will do my best to connect you to something that is right for your particular situation.

If you are ready to dive into this work...

Fill out the form below. We will set up an initial 30 minute complimentary session to see if this work is the right fit at this time. I look forward to speaking with you soon!

"It's not like meeting with a "finance" person. It's so much warmer - there's a feeling of partnership and friendship as opposed to someone telling you what you're doing wrong or right. I have a hard time trusting people and I very quickly felt safe in the process. It's about much more than about being better with money - I feel stronger as a whole person after the work."


"This work is powerful, and Megan makes it feel so easy and achievable.  Her brilliance, sense of ease and humor, and kindness are a rare combination that make for navigating the tricky world of budgets, bookkeeping, and saving interesting and fun.  I don’t know of anyone who can not benefit from this work, especially with Megan.”    

M. T.


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